10 July 2020, Friday, 13:34
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"Basta!": There's Just Usual Disorder And Negligence Behind Painted Facade

"Basta!": There's Just Usual Disorder And Negligence Behind Painted Facade

A military plant has turned into a mirror that reflects the situation in the Belarusian industry.

Not so long ago there was an article about the ghost of stability in Lukashenka's Belarus. There were also some examples. One of them is Minsk Mechanical Plant named after Vavilov, Andrus Voinich writes for the Basta Telegram-channel.

"The company also fulfills military orders, so it is quite closed. But it's not difficult to get information about the status of the plant - a lot of my friends and acquaintances worked there at different times.

Despite the status of the plant, the salaries are low, the workplaces are disgustingly equipped, and I will not even talk about compliance with safety requirements.

The wall decoration have fallen off in pieces, the paint has gone, the fences have vanished. Over the past 20 years of involuntary observations, everything was getting worse. There are piles of construction materials on the territory, and the asphalt looks like after World War II.

I went there, photographed, wrote a post and published it on the Internet.

A couple of days ago we decided to go to the factory to find out how things are.

The visible facade is in order and looks good, the fence and gate have been changed. I don't know whether my publication worked or someone from the bosses was passing by.

But behind the painted façade, there was a usual disorder and mismanagement. No reforms, no modernization. The plant works at a loss. Everything "civil" that people produce there is cheaper to buy on the market or on the Internet. There are almost no military orders left. Salaries are being delayed and workers are being fired. And the painted fence will not improve this picture in any way."

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