13 August 2020, Thursday, 17:16
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Businessman: Common Sense Suggests That BelGee Has No Prospects

Businessman: Common Sense Suggests That BelGee Has No Prospects

Belarusians do not buy Geely even with the installment and one-percent loan.

The official figures, according to which the Belarusians imported almost 37 thousand cars from Russia in January-June 2019, were announced in another program on Prymus. The import of cars in Belarus amounted to $561.9 million in cash equivalent, having increased by 12.8%, Salidarnasts writes.

And along with this, the BelGee plant in Barysau district was working - for six months, only 8.3 thousand cars have been produced in Minsk region.

The head of the Prosta management company and a businessman with 25 years of experience, Aliaksandr Malashka, is not surprised by the figures. He reminds that BelGee is going to produce about 60 thousand cars a year and sell them to Russia.

- Unfortunately, nothing has changed in our country. Although common sense suggests that almost all brands are assembled in Russia now. And the quality of the assembly is constantly growing. Then why should buyers need Chinese? Ours are trying to rely on the financial component, i.e. installments and a one-percent loan. But even so, it is cheaper to buy a car in Russia," - Aliaksandr Malashko said.

In this regard, the businessman recalls the Belarusian authorities' statement that it is necessary to focus on large enterprises, of which there are about 400 in the country.

- I would have first audited the resources. I would have made a table in Excel with certain parameters. At my seminars, I say: there are enterprises working at 5 points, at 4, 3, 2 and 1 point. Which ones should we focus on? As a rule, the majority answers: those which work at 1 and 2 should be given resources, - Malashka says. - But in fact, you must expand the support beneath the tread.

Don't interfere with those which work at 5 - let them work. Where they work at 3, you should try to help them work at 4. Where they work at 4, you should try to help them work at 5. And those which work at 2 and 1 may be worth closing down.

The key point is that we must manage the assets in a competent manner. But most often it is done thу following way: the plant works badly, but we are told: "And let's build another plant." Why? "We have $10 million, we don't know where to spend it".

At that, they can't even create a modern enterprise, but copy the old one! We do not have any enterprises that can work for the future.