5 April 2020, Sunday, 9:30
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Communal Tariffs To Raise Twice In 2020

Communal Tariffs To Raise Twice In 2020

The Deputy Prime Minister announced changing of the communal tariffs.

Deputy Prime Minister Uladzimir Kukharau said that tariffs for housing services in 2020 will increase in two stages.

According to him, now tariffs for housing and communal services are growing annually, but the amount of increases does not exceed $ 5.

This is facilitated by the cost reduction in housing and communal services, which in turn allows almost all types of services to zero in on their prime cost. Apart from heating and hot water supply, Belarusians pay for all other types of services already at 100%. Further increase of the relevant tariffs is possible only by indexation, said Uladzimir Kukharau, BelTA reports.

- If earlier, from January 1, tariffs had been raised by five dollars, then starting this year the increase was divided into two stages. Since January 1, the tariffs rose by 3.9 dollars, and since June 1, heating and hot water supply grew in cost by 1.1 dollars. We see that this trend should continue. Next year we plan to increase the tariffs in two stages, under approximately the same proportion, the official said.