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Teenager Who Killed Student, Teacher In Stoubtsy, Sentenced

Teenager Who Killed Student, Teacher In Stoubtsy, Sentenced

It was a closed trial.

A former student of the school in Stoubtsy was found guilty of the murder of a teacher and an 11th grader, as well as of attempted murder against two more students. The verdict of the court - 13 years of imprisonment in an educational colony. Due to the age of the accused, the case was heard behind closed doors, only the verdict was publicly announced, writes tut.by.

The tragedy occurred on February 11 this year. Student of the 10th grade Vadzim M. came to classes in advance, at about 7.40. He left his backpack in the classroom and went out. Then he returned and attacked history teacher of Maryna Parkhimovich, who was supposed to give the first lesson, with a knife. Two classmates tried to defend the teacher, as a result they were injured. After that, the accused ran out of the classroom, went into the next room, reached the last desk and attacked the 11th grade student Aliaksandr Ramanau, the guy died on the spot. Vadzim fled, but two hours later he was detained. A hammer was found in his backpack, and during a personal search, smoke bombs and firecrackers were found. This is the chronology of those events by the Investigatory Committee.

Former students of the deceased teacher spoke the warmest words about her. Aliaksandr Ramanau was described as a purposeful and friendly guy. They said about Vadzim that he was calm and conflict-free, studied well and had no behavior problems. No one could believe that he was capable of such a crime. That’s why the motive - which moved the teenager - raised legitimate questions for many.

Vadzim M. was found guilty of killing two people with special cruelty from hooligan motives, attempted murder of two people with special cruelty from hooligan motives, and extremely malicious hooliganism. It is known that the prosecutor requested 13 years of imprisonment for Vadzim M. - this is the maximum possible time given that at the time the crime was committed, the teenager was less than 16 years old.

According to the results of the medical examination, the teenager was neither intoxicated, nor under the influence of narcotic and psychotropic substances. A psychological and psychiatric examination showed that Vadzim M. was fully aware of the meaning of his actions and led them. The accused partially admitted his guilt.

The hearing was held behind closed doors, since at the time the crime was committed, the student was under 16 years old. In addition, the case file contains information about his state of health - medical confidentiality.

The court decision has not yet entered into legal force and can be appealed to the Supreme Court.