25 September 2020, Friday, 14:13
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Homel "Parasite" Tried To Find Job With State Assistance

Homel "Parasite" Tried To Find Job With State Assistance

As a result, he ended up with a debt.

Kanstantsin Aksionau, a young unemployed Homel resident, tried to find a job with the help of the state, Homel Viasna writes.

He graduated from trolleybus driver's courses, where he was sent by the city employment office, but was not allowed to work due to his health condition. Such a verdict was passed in the specialized polyclinic No. 7, where he underwent a medical examination before starting training.

Now the city prosecutor is trying to recover 3342 white rubles (about $1635), spent by the state on the training as a trolleybus driver, from the unemployed Homel resident through the court.

Why did the same doctors allow the Homel resident to train first and then forbid him to drive a trolley bus? How not to appear to be owing to the state money for the mistakes that it makes? What to do in such a situation?

These questions are answered in video by Leanid Sudalenka, legal inspector of the REP independent trade union: