12 August 2020, Wednesday, 15:29
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Lukashenka Fired Homel School Headmistress For Firing Teacher

Lukashenka Fired Homel School Headmistress For Firing Teacher

The teacher has been reinstated.

After Aliaksandr Lukashenka's personal decision to reinstate the Homel teacher in the same position and at the same school, kp.by asked the dictator's press secretary for comments.

- On 18 September it became known that a teacher from the school in Homel, who had been fired because of the scandal in the school, was reinstated. Did this really happen after the "president" got personally involved in the matter?

- Yes, I can confirm to you what the representatives of the Homel region said. Reinstatement of the teacher in the school 15 in Gomel is a direct order of the head of state. Having learned about the incident, the "president" demanded an immediate report on the situation, and having studied the details, he reacted very emotionally and harshly," - Natalia Eismant commented. - Both as the head of state and as a teacher in the specialty, who worked at school. Do you remember how on September 2, on the back to school welcoming ceremony the "president", maybe not in a festive way, but quite openly and specifically spoke about discipline, the role of both parents and teachers in the educational process? And also about the fact that the school is a temple, where you need to come and learn, not to arrange lawlessness, as it happened in this case. It was a vivid example of a total absence of authority on the part of students, a rude attitude towards the teacher and the school. The "president" was outraged by the stale, indifferent approach of local leaders to the fate of the person, when, having understood absolutely superficially, and maybe, without understanding at all, they fire a specialist with 35 years of experience! Who has never given a reason to doubt her decency before. The president reacts instantly to such situations, especially since just two weeks ago all the people responsible for education in our country heard his instructions right at the back to school welcoming ceremony! That is why tough decisions have also been taken to punish officials. The Prime Minister, the head of the "president" administration, and the deputy prime minister in charge of the industry have been strictly warned against failure to take measures to restore order in schools and to carry out instructions from the "president. The Minister of Education has been warned about the poor professional compliance; a number of officials of the Homel regional and city executive committee have been reprimanded. Also, some officials of the Homel City Executive Committee, the district administration and the headmaster of the school were dismissed from their positions and transferred to another job.

We shall remind you that the incident took place in Homel school No. 15 last week. In the video, filmed by a fourth-grader, the teacher shouted at a child to shut his mouth and threatened, lifting a table: "I'm going to jail, and you'll be finished! The teacher scares that the child will not be laughing when "he will be carried to the cemetery for bullying the teacher".