4 July 2020, Saturday, 19:23
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Spontaneous PTA Meeting Held In Scandalous Homel School

Spontaneous PTA Meeting Held In Scandalous Homel School

The parents stood up for the Headmistress.

Parents of the students of school #15 in Homel, where the teacher used foul language against a pupil, and threatened to kill him with a desk, gathered for a spontaneous meeting near the school doors on September 19 to support the Headmistress Maryna Charnenka, Radio Svaboda informs.

Prior to this, Head of the Regional Education Department Siarhei Paroshyn came out to the journalists, and announced that no one fired the Headmistress of the school #15, she worked, “fulfilled her professional duties”. The infamous “teacher with a desk” Liudmila Chatviartkova also came out to the journalists, but refused to give comments, having referred to “exhaustion”.

About 30 parents agreed to gather for a spontaneous meeting through a Viber group. On the school porch, they told they had prepared a petition and collect signatures in support of the dismissed Headmistress.

The parents with one accord stand for keeping the Headmistress at her post: they say she’s good, takes proper care of the school and the students. They add that the school under her leadership has changed for the better both educationally and financially. The parents say they will go up to Lukashenka, if needed.

Near the school building, they also voiced a series of educational problems that existed in the Navabelitski district of Homel: the school # 15 is counted for 800 students, while in the reality there are 1,800. The school is overcrowded, there are sometimes over 30 students in class, and the teachers are under great load. Two new micro-districts have been built nearby - they promised to build schools there as well, but they didn’t.

The officials of the city executive committee and the regional education department came over to the school building. Some parents went inside for negotiations. The negotiations ended in nothing - the parents went out of the Headmistress’ office with tears in their eyes, and said: “We were told to go away.” Everyone went away on the spot.