20 January 2021, Wednesday, 22:57
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He Declared War on Children

He Declared War on Children
Iryna Khalip

A teacher using a foul language and a desk are a common story.

Well, do you get it now? I hope you won't be serious anymore when discussing who's to blame: a teacher using a foul language or a student who drove her into such a state. Forget it. This is a common story. This is not a scandal in a single school. Teacher, principal, parents are the passive, garbage under Lukashenka's feet. He has realised that adults are broken. One can do anything to them. And now he aims at schoolchildren. He declared war on the Belarusian children. They are still unable to resist.

It's a common mistake to look for the guilty among the parties in the story. It's an incredibly stupid thing to find out what a child did to make a stand-in teacher angry. It's a complete mental short-sightedness to say "she needs to take psychotherapy and use sedatives". Nothing is good. The main thing is the signal for hunting.

If you remember, the word "whelp" was traditionally used in the USSR when an adult could not stand the fact that a child, or a teenager, or a young person of lower age and social status, did not agree: "Do you come athwart me, whelp"? This word voiced by Lukashenka is not even boorishness, but fear and resentment. Children, as it turns out, are not scared of anything, unlike their parents. Children laugh when they have to stand still and keep silent. Children do not accept the authority of the teacher a priori. One should win their respect. Children do not believe that an adult is always smart, and they should come to heel before him. Children no longer complain to their mothers about the pedagogical injustice. Mothers will no longer go to school to have their brains washed. They do not have this thought "It's better to be silent, because my child still has to study here". Children's intuition works good and they call the all-mighty YouTube for help: transparency means safety. So, these children are natural rebels. They are born in this century with the Internet and video hosting. For them, an adult is a representative of a different, though often friendly, community. But he is not a celestial man, whose words are beyond question. This means that children are scoundrels. "Whelps". They are not subject to orders and shouting. They still have a chance to grow up free. This is a deadly threat. It means that they should be broken, controlled and pressed now.

Lukashenka is not worried about adults: they can be cut into pieces, they won't mind. An attempt of parental rebellion in a Homel school is the useless evidence on could do without. They came to demand the reinstatement of the principal in office. They organized a spontaneous rally and were certainly proud of their courage unless the representative of the regional administration ordered them to disperse. And they obeyed. It makes no use to discuss either them or this lady at the desk. This is no longer a school drama. This is how hunting children begins. One blows the horn.

The goal is to make children as obedient and frightened as their parents. To curb a free generation in Belarus. To turn them into slaves before they graduate from school. That is why there are pioneers in our schools. That is why our teachers sit at polling stations and in "Belaya Rus". That's why the Communist heads the education. That's why more and more children and teachers start hating each other: the authorities make convicts of ones, the others are guards. Nothing but hatred can happen between them.

If we don't protect our children from this moloch, they will have to protect themselves. However, then they will have no formal defenders because we will all just burn with shame. One doesn't even have to beat us with a desk. So let's protect our children. We all know what we should do.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org