6 March 2021, Saturday, 20:05
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Teachers Inform About Banning Mobile Phones In Schools

Teachers Inform About Banning Mobile Phones In Schools

A quick reaction to the Homel scandal?

Within the framework of the special project The Other Side Of A Medal, a citizen of Minsk told Salidarnasts how the schools reacted to Lukashenka's words.

As soon as Lukashenka expressed his dissatisfaction with the mobile phones at school, the answer followed immediately. The events unfolded at lightning speed: in the morning the ruler swore at the "whiffet", in the afternoon they hold class meetings in schools, explaining the "policy of the party", and in the evening the parents received messages from class teachers, which clearly stated: "Pupils shouldn't use mobile phones at school anymore."

A reader of Salidarnasts sent a screenshot of such a message.

- So, now teachers can swear at kids, threaten them, drag them into the BRSM - and nobody else will disturb them with their recordings," - the parent comments. - And most importantly, look how quickly they reacted! I wish we had such a response to complaints from ordinary citizens! So they discuss using transparent ballot boxes at polling stations for years. And here they made it in half a day.

According to the interlocutor, the children have not used their mobile phones in class before.

- Such things are discussed with the teacher, the children are warned, and I know that in the classroom where my child is studying, nobody takes out his mobile phone without a reason. The situation in the Homel school is exceptional, and such things really need to be recorded," - the parent is sure. - If you don't want to be filmed by your schoolchildren, mount video cameras in the classroom, so that you can always find out who is right and who is to blame in case of a conflict.

In any case, it is unacceptable to leave children without mobile phones, the interlocutor believes.

- The son of the president can afford not to take the phone. He certainly doesn't go to school on foot alone and isn't at risk, that's why he doesn't need a constant contact with his parents," - the man says. - After all, it is unlikely that anyone will make the president's son to rake up leaves as "socially useful labor" after school, and certainly will not lift a desk above his head with the words "you will be dead...".