9 March 2021, Tuesday, 3:36
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Andrei Markau: 87-Year-Old Man Signed Up And Promised To Bring Relatives

Andrei Markau: 87-Year-Old Man Signed Up And Promised To Bring Relatives

Residents of Maladzechna are invited to sign for the European Belarus candidate every day in the 3.7 Volt store.

Andrei Markau, who takes part in the "parliamentary campaign" in the Maladzechna constituency № 72, told the press service of the European Belarus civil campaign about collecting signatures:

- We have collected more than a quarter of the planned number of signatures. Many people express their support, shake hands and wish success. Recently there was an interesting case: a 87 years old man came to us for a picket, he not only signed up himself, but also promised to bring his relatives and friends, tell others about us and our activities. He hopes very much that he will live to see changes and a free Belarus.

People talk about their problems. They complain that it's impossible to get a job, that it's difficult to survive on pension. A separate story is about fines. When we were collecting signatures at the houses, one person said he was fined $20 thousand only for having made repairs in his apartment. It has not been privatized, the regulatory authorities came and said: "Aha, you have repairs here. Not a bad one. And as long as the apartment is not yours, but the state's - you have to pay a fine. A disabled person lives in the apartment. Now he needs to pay the state 200 rubles each month to pay off the "debt". He will now have to pay off this "debt" almost for the rest of his life.

Representatives of the older generation are telling the younger generation that there is nothing to do in this country. One should just pack one's bags and leave, because there's no future in Belarus. In fact, labor migration in the town is one of the most important problems. Parents advise their children and grandchildren to look for happiness in other countries, in Poland.

- Some European Belarus candidates have already been "noticed" by election commissions. How are things going with you?

- The authorities have no complaints to us yet, but they are using administrative resources to support their "candidate". We meet people who say that they are forced to sign for him at work.

Our supporters, all residents of Maladzechna, I invite you to 18 Prytytski Street, the entrance from the square. There, in the premises of the 3.7 Volt shop, you can sign for the European Belarus candidate every day from 11.00 to 17.00.