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Political Analyst On Lukashenka’s Takedown: He’s Powerless Against Time, It Makes Him Indignant

Political Analyst On Lukashenka’s Takedown: He’s Powerless Against Time, It Makes Him Indignant

The Internet exposes all the failures of the authorities.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka spoke about the scandal in the Homel school as he met with the members of the government and the leadership of his administration. At the same time, Siarhei Rumas and Natallia Kachanava, who, according to Spokesman for the country's leader Natallia Eismant, had previously received a strict warning for what happened in Homel, got it again.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka did not choose words either for the officials or for the participants in the incident at school:

- They went, picked a fight, gathered the leaders from the bottom to the top. They wet their pants because something had been posted on social networks. And having wet their pants, they punished this poor teacher. I would have bust the whiffet's head open if I were that teacher, - he said.

Political analyst Aliaksandr Klaskouski told Solidarity about the reasons Lukashenka had a go at Rumas and Kachanava:

- It is obvious from the tone of today's meeting that Lukashenka is generally annoyed by the state of affairs in the economy and in the country as a whole. He already has in mind the upcoming presidential elections and he is indignant with the fact that the authorities do not have the resources to significantly improve the welfare of the electorate. As it was in the so-called fat years.

In this situation, Lukashenka is looking for a sacrificial goat, the expert said. Although he himself was indignant at the dismissal of the teacher in the Homel incident: like, what are they thinking of, found a whipping boy.

- But Lukashenka himself regularly finds whipping boys. Today, he promised to dismiss the government in case of failure to fulfill the annual plan. Although it is already clear that the plan will not be implemented. Over eight months, the economy grew by 1.1% with annual plans of 4%. And there are no prerequisites for a jump at the end of the year, the political scientist emphasized.

Neither Rumas, nor anyone else in his place, is capable of fulfilling plans that the government, under the whip of Lukashenka, has approved, the political observer believes.

The expert drew attention to how Lukashenka spoke about social networks and the Internet during the report:

- The realities of the information age, open society are clearly making Lukashenka nervous. Contrary to the wishes of the mature regime to conserve the country in the past, they are changing the entire system of relations in society. Today you can’t hide anything. The Internet makes the government controlled, exposes all its failures. Each blunder, odious step immediately causes a huge resonance.

According to Aliaksandr Klaskouski, Lukashenka prefers to act by the old methods: ramming and intimidation. At first, he himself provoked conversations about the transit of power, and now this wave of conversations begins to annoy him, since Lukashenka does not want to look a lame duck in the eyes of his subordinates:

- He understands that the vertical will trim the sails to the wind and think how they should live in the face of changes in the country. And here Russia also throws up frightening scenarios of a quiet Anschluss and probably probes the moods in the Belarusian nomenclature, what they will be in case these scenarios are realized. Probably, it's time to hit the table and tighten the vertical so that there is no confusion and vacillation.

Young people begin to feel like personalities

Lukashenka can no longer jump out of the skin of an authoritarian leader, which was also manifested in the case of the Homel scandal:

- The phrase “ I would have bust the whiffet's head open” is the most telling in the story. In Belarus, the principle “I am the boss, you are the fool” is imposed in all areas. Note that at school, Lukashenka primarily requires discipline and submission. He wants to maintain a system of unquestioning submission. Although, historically, such attempts are absurd and have no prospects.

Today, on the contrary, it is necessary to liberate the potential of Belarus, the expert believes. And the younger generation is already beginning to assert its rights. Today's schoolchildren feel not just some kind of slaves of the system, they feel like people:

- In these manifestations it is worth to see not libertinism in the first place. There have always been elements of hooliganism, of course, at all times. Just today’s schoolchildren are more demanding, they feel more like personalities. This is contrary to the canons of the outdated system that Lukashenka designed in the country. He is powerless against time and it makes him indignant.