2 December 2021, Thursday, 3:29
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83-Year-Old Yan Hryb Fined For Defending Independence Of Belarus

83-Year-Old Yan Hryb Fined For Defending Independence Of Belarus

At the trial, the patriot said everything he thought about those "trials".

On January 15, the Kastrychnitski district court of Minsk fined 83-year-old Yan Hryb Br810 for participating in the protests against the integration of Belarus with Russia, Radio Svaboda reports.

According to the police, Hryb took part in the rally on January 21 and appeared at Kastrychnitskaya Square at 14.00. Hryb claimed that he'd arrived at Kastrychnitskaya Square at 16.00 to meet with Pavel Seviarynets. At that time the protesters were already leaving the square.

At the trial, Hryb said that the trials of the protesters for independence remind him of the thirties, and now they try all the people who care about Belarus.

Yan Hryb can often be seen at opposition rallies in Minsk.

He was born in 1936 at Palesse. He was a pilot of military aviation in the Far East. He was commissarized for health reasons, came to Minsk. He graduated from the BSU Faculty of Physics, worked as a teacher at various colleges, from which he was repeatedly fired for democratic views.

On March 25, 2017, a photo with the forcible detention of the 80-year-old participant in peaceful demonstrations on Freedom Day in Minsk went viral in the world media. Hryb was nominated to receive a commemorative medal in the name of Viktar Ivashkevich.