26 September 2020, Saturday, 1:08
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Surgical Operation Needed

Surgical Operation Needed

The Belarusians have been brought to such a boiling point that they no longer accept compromises.

The center of Europe in the 21st century, however, many events simply do not fit in the minds of healthy people. And that's all because one really unhealthy head, holding the most important post in the country, has long lost touch with reality and has long been remaining in its illusory and very scary world.

How can one reason, for example, about "the importance of developing hockey country-wide" in the midst of the oil crisis, when people think about what prices will be at petrol stations and for the gas tomorrow? Does the usurper really think that the Druzhba pipeline workers, sent home before January 23, are really interested in who will score another goal? No! Everybody discusses the dictator's latest "wishes and dreams", which are always accompanied by "siphoning off" people's money. "Hunger Games", "World Championships", "Vienna Balls" and all the rest. The feast at a time of plague - that's what Belarusians call it.

By the way, the teachers are chipping in together for another sporting event, although not quite on their own will, and despite the fact that the authorities cut their salaries immediately after they diligently falsified the "parliamentary elections".

The doctors, who have been ordered to draw up reports of apartment inspections and check the presence of fire detectors during house-calls, are probably delighted as well. Now the medical workers will be busy with useless writing, instead of their professional duties. There is no doubt that this will have a negative impact on patients' health.

What can we talk about, if here and there, country-wide, they build harmful industries that literally poison the population? It will just suffice to mention the plant to produce bleached pulp in Svetlahorsk, from which the locals do not know where to hide, and there are huge queues of people affected by emissions in local policlinics! And the well-known zones affected by Chernobyl, which one unhealthy head has recognized suitable for life and growing crops. And it is really terrifying to even think about the nuclear bomb in Astravets. The dictator was building it with violating all the technologies and saving on everything. This is the "care" of the population.

We can continue the list of state absurdity in Belarus infinitely. But the most important thing is that the majority of Belarusians have realized the root cause of all troubles and do not want to put up with it anymore. The Belarusians are brought to such a boiling point that they no longer accept compromises and do not believe in empty promises of the unhealthy head. This, by the way, can be confirmed by any of the independent candidates at the last "parliamentary" campaign, who were standing in the streets in pickets and saw and heard people's anger.

Fortunately, Belarusians are reasonable people and almost everybody understands that it is too late to treat such an unhealthy head with pills and conspiracies. A surgical operation is needed.

Aliaksandr Katovich, the European Belarus press service