3 April 2020, Friday, 14:40
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Each Of Us

Each Of Us
Dzmitry Kazlou

We need to become leaders.

Dzmitry Kazlou, also known as the Gray Cat, is now a true fighter and leader. Three months ago, having joined the fight against the regime, he daily held pickets in the streets of Vorsha, met with people, spoke about corruption of local officials, the need for a total change of power in the country. During the “election campaign”, he became the most popular politician in his city. For this he is now avenged.

I’ll tell you about one case. Once we were going together with him from a safe house in Minsk to the Meeting of Free People on November 16. We were discussing options for the action. I remind you that some of our comrades were arrested on the eve of this same event. I remember saying that I hoped this would not happen again that day.

“We need, instead of hoping that someone will not be detained, to imagine that we can be there alone, the two of us, and the rest will not reach the spot,” Dzmitry answered. “You need to be prepared to conduct the action yourself. This is important not only for it to take place, so that the people who came to it are not disappointed. This is also important for the safety of our comrades. Intelligence agencies must understand that preventive arrests do not affect the action. It will take place anyway - in any case. Each of us must be able to lead a protest. Each of us must be a leader. Then they will think three times before arresting someone.

The action on November 16 was a success. And today, Dzmitry is behind the bars. The special services are watching how we behave - those who have remained free. It depends on our actions whether this outrage will continue.

Ales Krutkin, press-center of the European Belarus civil campaign