19 February 2020, Wednesday, 4:21
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'Basta!': Tsar's Plebeians, Hold Back

'Basta!': Tsar's Plebeians, Hold Back

The main sower of the kolkhoz dictatorship is afraid.

Recently, more and more of your letters have arrived to us, both with news and with discussions about what is happening in the country. Write, suggest, share your opinion. Change of power is a collective task, we all need to think together about how to solve it as efficiently and quickly as possible, writes the «Баста!» Telegram channel.

Here is another reader’s letter about the recent "parliamentary campaign":

- "Elections" passed, but the aftertaste has remained. And they will remind of themselves until such a thing as "tsar's plebeians" is uprooted in the country.

Large-scale stuffing of ballots, falsification of final protocols, "carousels" - all this was predictable. The highlight of the campaign was completely boorish, and sometimes inappropriate behavior of members of election commissions, which mainly consisted of officials of various layers - from a head teacher to a director of an enterprise. It is amazing how people with a minimum set of powers allowed themselves to be rude and boorish to those who simply exercised their constitutional rights by participating in the "elections" or observing at voting stations!

It seems that there has never been such a bestial attitude towards people in the entire history of independent Belarus. From different parts of the country there were reports that observers were removed from the voting stations with the involvement of the police. In numerous videos, one can clearly hear how members of election commissions, school teachers behave like some street hooligans.

Special attention should be paid to the hysteria of the officials during the campaign period. The fearless slogan “Basta to Kolkhoz Dictatorship!”, national symbols, and young people have attracted the attention of countless supporters of changes. And how pitiful the lonely, humiliated students looked, standing next to each other, advertising those sickening pro-government faces. The authorities did not come up with anything better than sending ladies and gentlemen from precinct commissions to the pickets of the same “European Belarus”. Bursting with screaming, blushing and turning white from powerlessness and anger, the officials from the commissions demanded that the slogan so loved by Belarusians must be removed, and then they simply removed independent candidates from the "election".

Such a surge of negativity, rudeness, bitterness on the part of the workers of the regime only testifies that the perpetrators of official crimes are scared. For their habitable places, luxury apartments, bank accounts, and for personal freedom. Head teachers, counterfeiters, sadistic police officers, bribe-takers are afraid. The main sower of the kolkhoz dictatorship in Belarus is also afraid, the one who built a boorish vertical from corrupt liars and villains. And this fear is a premonition, because their time is inevitably coming to an end.

By the way, the tsar's plebeians, hold back, the presidential election is coming, and with such a pace and zeal, you may organize yourself a heart attack or a stroke.