25 February 2020, Tuesday, 17:24
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Lukashenka: You Should Drag Me To Scientists More Often

Lukashenka: You Should Drag Me To Scientists More Often

The dictator has decided to question the head of the Academy of Sciences on the subject of the electric car.

Lukashenka made a speech at his main residence to doctors of science and professors. He remembered the electric car, as well as other instructions on the discoveries. The real sector of the economy was also mentioned, as "without oil and gas, we can't remain in place," - the press service of the dictator reports.

Lukashenka reminded about his "principle requirement" for scientific developments to be focused on functionality and practicability:

- This is my strict requirement. We do not need any tub thumping, starting from the humanitarian and finishing with natural, exact sciences. We need the scientific research that can be applied in our practice.

He expressed his wish to study the situation in this area in more detail:

- We must choose the time to "question" the head of the Academy of Sciences on fulfilling those instructions that I gave in the last year and the year before last. I mean the electric car, some other directions... Where is it, on what level? We must decide, maybe after the first quarter, and talk to scientists in the Academy of Sciences about the implementation of their discoveries.

After the ceremony, Lukashenka talked to the newly-minted doctors and professors, immediately asking them to speak frankly about the problems:

- There is such a practice: before they appear at my place, they are shaking their finger - say this, say that, and touch upon this and that. It's okay with me. You can touch upon any issue you want. But I wish it was from the bottom of your heart. If not from the heart - I will immediately notice, I have a lot of experience of working with people.

And he addressed the chairman of the High Attestation Committee:

- You should drag me to the scientists more often. We say that science is the basis, while Lukashenka is floundering where ministers and governors have to work. Although without the real sector of economy, that very notorious oil and gas, we can't remain in place.