25 February 2020, Tuesday, 18:42
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Blogger Grey Cat: Number Of My Subscribers Increased

Blogger Grey Cat: Number Of My Subscribers Increased
Dzmitry Kazlou

At that, the blogger was not on the Internet.

Video blogger Dzmitry Kazlou, sentenced to 90 days of arrest, is preparing for the next trial. All those who were worried about his fate, three days ago rejoiced at the news: after 26 days behind bars, he was suddenly released. Before leaving the Vorsha temporary detention center, they made him sign a paper that he would appear to serve the rest of the sentences at the first policemen's demand, Radio Racyja reports.

Dzmitry Kazlou was worried that he would lose some subscribers because of his forced absence from the Internet space. However, it turned out the opposite, the blogger said:

- I didn't know how many subscribers I had. I thought that maybe there were fewer of them: someone could opt out, since no new videos were released. But no - 7 thousand 400 or 500 - I got a thousand new subscribers. As always, the police helped me: they detain me, they put me in jail, they do something else. And the channel is growing, people subscribe all the time.

Dzmitry Kazlou decided to become a blogger after the "non-parasite marches" in 2017. But his channel gained the most popularity after live broadcasts from Minsk protests against the integration with Russia.

The youth leader has been convicted 6 times for "appeals" and participation in this event. The next Grey Cat's trial will be held in Minsk on January 27. The result is unpredictable, so the blogger wants to use several days at large to the full: to meet with friends, file complaints against court rulings, which he disagrees with, and tell about everything that happened to him after his detention on December 25.