24 February 2020, Monday, 7:58
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Switching To Firewood

Switching To Firewood

He finally found his element.

Yesterday, he was chopping up the firewood. The day before yesterday they nailed him, gave him hell and made him to bow. But what about yesterday? Yesterday he was showing all his anger on firewood. Chopped it with all his might. Well, at least that's how they tell about it and how they show it. Who knows who really chopped it and how? You never know. Well, it was not him, for sure. Why would he need firewood in his residences?

Though… there will be only just enough oil and gas, so we'll have to switch to firewood. He hints us at this. Home-made firewood. And in general, they say that work therapy is good for calming down the violent. But it only calms down, it doesn't cure. It's a pity. This is how the hydrocarbon fuels import substitution looks like.

Although, the result of the work makes eyebrows rise as usual. The wood is chopped in too big pieces. What kind of stove is it supposed to be? Or is it for a boiler?

He messed things up again. Holding an axe and wearing a fool's cap. He was in his glory, finally. Even if it was all staged for the electorate, maybe it would be better to let him chop the firewood further on? Too bad there were no watermelon girls and boys around.


Viktar Harbachou, Facebook