25 February 2020, Tuesday, 19:13
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Basta!: $1.5 Billion Is Not Enough To Save Loser-Dictator

Basta!: $1.5 Billion Is Not Enough To Save Loser-Dictator

Entire regions are turned on the meter in Belarus.

When there's no money, but one wants it very much, the authorities usually get into our pockets. But now it's quite a trouble - "the war is on," as Lukashenka once again said. Therefore, entire regions are turned on the meter, the Basta! Telegram-channel writes.

According to Prime Minister Siarhei Rumas, Vitsebsk region agro-industrial complex has accumulated Br3 billion of debt. Experts have been working out various options what to do with this debt, but they have not yet come to a single solution. What should be done? Nothing - bend over backwards, but one and a half million dollars for parades, palaces and charity gifts on the eve of the elections must be found.

That's what Lukashenka spelled out today. To reform the economy, to attract investments? No, just give everything back. Find it wherever you want. A la guerre comme a la guerre.

And we advise other regions not to relax - a billion and a half dollars is not enough to save the loser-dictator.