26 October 2020, Monday, 7:00
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Darja Domrachava Spoke About the Beating of Her Brother and the Situation in the Country

Darja Domrachava Spoke About the Beating of Her Brother and the Situation in the Country
Darja Domrachava

The athlete published a post on Facebook.

Olympic champion Darja Domrachava shared her opinion on what is happening in the country on Facebook.

"Doing something, taking some steps, it is important to count on the result. I absolutely understand that my public anger will not solve public problems. Perhaps this will help to assert self in other speakers' eyes, to get someone's approval, perhaps, it will make me feel better, but it will definitely not lead to the goal.

We all see that there are problems in the country and, to help solve them, on the one hand, it is useless to shake the air with aggressive words, and, on the other hand, it is absolutely useless to fire, arrest, and bludgeon people on the streets. It doesn't matter whether you accidentally find yourself in "hot" places or intentionally, whether it's your or someone else's loved ones - it is the same.

So far, it is obvious that all such actions only further infuriate opposites, aggravate the situation, and heat up the situation. At the moment, I do not yet see that step of my own, having taken which I can truly help solve the problems in the country. But on the part of state bodies, in order to settle the situation and solve the problems of people, there should be more interesting ideas than "beat up/arrest/fire." We do not live in a primitive age. People want to be heard.

Everyone needs to calm down and discuss everything; perhaps, this will bring them closer to the cherished goal - a fair, peaceful, calm, beautiful, developing country. Is this a goal for everyone?" wrote Domrachava.

Let us remind you that on Sunday, Darja's brother Mikita was detained and beaten.