24 October 2020, Saturday, 21:23
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Partisan March Held In Belarus

Partisan March Held In Belarus
Photo: Uladzimir Tsvirko

Dozens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Minsk.

The largest Belarusian Telegram channels called on the citizens of the country to come out this Sunday, October 18, to the Partisan March.

The Charter97.org website provides live coverage of the March.

20:13 85-year-old poet Yan Hryb at the Partisan March.

20:10 An energy boost from the Minsk drummers.

20:09 A huge poster “New elections” was hanging on Partyzanski Avenue today.

20:02 Protesters in Minsk are chanting: “Go away!”

19:49 Zhytkavichy also protested today.

19:42 How protesters in Minsk forced Lukashists to retreat.

19:38 On Maskouskaya Street in Minsk, people lined up in a chain of solidarity.

19:28 The desire of the Belarusians to protest cannot be stopped!

19:25 The white-red-white sea at the Partisan March. Photo by Uladzimir Tsvirko.

19:10 Zhodzino residents also held a protest action today.

19:04 At the rally in Minsk, greetings were sent to the Russian Khabarovsk, which held the hundredth protest rally.

19:03 People in Liakhavichy also protested today.

18:58 Lukashenka adherents continue to engage in banditry. The executioners broke the window in the Minsk apartment and climbed into it.

18:46 Another creative poster from Minsk protesters.

18:45 The atmosphere of the Partisan March in Minsk.

18:44 Belarusians do not forget their heroes who are now behind bars. A column of protesters today demanded the release of political prisoners.

18:37 Another video with just a great slogan. The protesters in Minsk are chanting: “Go away, rat!”

18:33 Minsk tram number 6 sang “Bring Down Prison Walls” in unison. The capital's public transport was filled with protesters.

18:31 An appeal of the protesters to the security forces.

18:30 The Partisan March in Minsk ended on Malinin Street.

18:21 And here is a video of how the Lukashists threw stun grenades at the Minsk protesters.

18:21 The protesters in Minsk have a great sense of humor. The demonstrators responded with trolling to accusations by the authorities that “the protest was paid for”. During the march in Minsk, such dollars with a portrait of Nina Bahinskaya were scattered from the bridge.

18:16 The partisans chanted today: “Lukashenka, you are a fascist!”

18:12 The so-called “hate horn”. See how the drivers honked at the columns of Lukashist vehicles.

18:10 A young participant of the March in Minsk.

18:06 This is how the “fading” protest looks like, according to the Belarusian authorities.

18:04 See what today's Partisan March looked like from a drone.

18:03 It is reported that rubber bullets were found near the “Belarus” mall in Minsk.

18:02 A sea of protesters on the avenue in Minsk.

17:54 Partysanski Avenue was painted white-red-white during the Partisan March.

17:49 Just an amazing time-lapse of the Minsk Partisan March! Dozens of thousands protesters!

17:46 Protesters are greeting and taking pictures with Nina Bahinskaya, who has become a real star of the Minsk marches.

17:45 Passengers of the capital's transport also greeted the protesters.

17:43 The column in Minsk has turned towards Chyzhouka.

17:38 Thousands of protesters in Serabranka, Minsk. The march continues.

17:36 A white-red-white flag was hoisted over the castle in Navahradak.

17:29 A video of the March in Minsk Serabranka. Thousands of protesters are walking along the road.

17:25 The head of the Minsk column is already on Pliakhanau Street.

17:21 One of the most popular slogans of the March in Minsk is “Go away, you and your riot police”. View of the column on Rokossovsky Avenue from above.

17:17 Motorists blocked the security forces in the area of Dzianiusauskaya Street in Minsk.

17:14 The Minsk March, of course, is not complete without drummers who set the rhythm for the procession.

17:08 In Hrodna, demonstrators are singing “Three Turtles” during the march down Savetskaya Street.

17:06 More photos from today's Partisan March in Minsk. Dozens of thousands of protesters on the streets of Minsk.

17:03 The head of the column is already near the Uskhodnyaya bus station. The main part of the column is still walking along Rokossovsky Avenue.

17:01 The moment when the Partisan March was walking along Vaneyeu Street. Then the protesters turned towards the Serabranka micro district.

16:58 Minsk residents are welcoming the protesters.

16:57 Mahiliou’s also at the Partisan March today.

16:54 A protest march took place in Smarhon today. People took to the streets with white-red-white flags.

16:52 One of the banners on today's March.

16:41 The Partisan March is going to the rhythm of drums near the Minsk supermarket “Belarus”.

16:31 When people were leaving the security forces' cordon, stun grenades flew at them. Explosions are heard in the video.

16:29 The protesters are already near the Partyzanskaya metro station.

16:26 In Hrodna, the protesters are walking along Savetskaya Street.

16:18 Nina Bahinskaya at the March in Minsk. People are greeting her very warmly.

16:12 The protesters have approached the security forces' cordon on Partyzanski Avenue. The column has turned around and goes in the opposite direction.

16:05 In Brest, people are walking along Savetskaya Street, chanting “Minsk, we are with you!”

15:59 A sea of protesters on Partyzanski Avenue in Minsk.


15:56 The protesters have unfurled a huge white-red-white flag near the “Leningrad” Mall.

15:54 Another time-lapse to estimate the number of protesters in Minsk.

15:53 Partisan March in Minsk: a powerful photo report.

15:49 A protest action is also taking place in Zhabinka today. The participants chose an unusual format.

15:44 73-year-old activist Nina Bahinskaya is already at the March. The flag is also with her.

15:43 The head of the Partisan March column in Minsk.

15:42 Dozens of thousands of protesters are marching along Partyzanski Avenue. Participants of the action brought a large loudspeaker, from which the hit of TorBand “Go away” is being played.

15.39 Protesters in Minsk are chanting “Lukashenka to a paddy wagon!”

15.37 Lida’s also at the March.

15.35 A column of protesters is already on Vaneyeu Square.

15.34 A sea of people at the Partisan March!

15.32 The head of the column is already approaching Vaneyeu Square.

15.30 Another time-lapse from Partyzanski Avenue: the number of people is impressive.

15.29 The protesters are moving towards the “Belarus” Mall, the column is passing through Vaneyeu Square.

15.28 More photos showing the scale of today's March.

15.06 The people on Partyzanski Avenue are chanting “Fair elections”.

15.01 The column has stopped in the area of the Raketa cinema to wait for everyone.

14.59 The atmosphere of the Partisan March in Minsk.

14.55 The number of participants in the March in Minsk is growing.

14.52 The column is going past Motovelo Plant.

14.47 Thousands of people are already walking along Partyzanski Avenue.

14.47 People are walking along the driveway of Partyzanski Avenue.

14.45 Already several thousand people are walking along Partyzanski Avenue.

14.40 From the side of Lenin, Kastrychnitskaya and Aranskaya streets, people continue to flock to the beginning of Partyzanski Avenue. Hundreds of people have gathered in the vicinity of the Praletarskaya metro station.


14.39 People have come out onto the avenue and blocked it near the Raketa cinema.

14.36 People are marching along Partyzanski Avenue in Minsk.

14.31 Residents of Brest are taking to the Partisan March.

14.30 Two columns in Minsk have joined near the shopping center “Leningrad”. The united column of a thousand people has reached Partyzanski Avenue.

14:28 In Minsk, another column of demonstrators has gathered at the intersection of Partyzanski Avenue and Lenin Street.

14.27 Residents of Hrodna have also come to the March. The column is going along Savetskaya Street towards Zhiliber Park.

14:26 In Zhodzina, people have begun to gather for the Partisan March.

14.20 A column of several hundred people is moving along Kastrychnitskaya Street in Minsk.