4 December 2020, Friday, 19:49
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Lukashenka Is Doing The Groundwork For His Failure

Lukashenka Is Doing The Groundwork For His Failure
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If the reputation is lost, the strength evaporates soon as well.

"Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad."


Our authorities continue to trumpet the thesis that it they are sinless and ideal, well or almost ideal (like "created paradise conditions"), and all problems in the country are caused by the actions of some external forces - "puppeteers", as Lukashenka has repeatedly called them.

Thus, at a meeting with CSTO Secretary General Stanislau Zas, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that half the army was raised and that they had been forced to demonstrate strength. According to him, "the main reason for this situation inside is absolutely external. If there was no external pressure and influence, it would never happen in Belarus".

Previously, the puppeteers had concentrated, as we remember, in Moscow. And first our authorities were looking for some Russian saboteurs in the forests, then were taking to task gasprom's "daughters". So the "puppeteers" change, some of them even become best friends, but the situation does not get better.

As for the puppeteers, there is another point of view according to which the main one is A. Lukashenka. "Talking about the real or imaginary suffering of the poor makes no sense, - Cyril Parkinson writes, - in fact, any revolution is generated by the government itself, it creates a vacuum where rebels are sucked in, you might say, against their will .... The history of any revolution does not begin with a conspiracy of rebels, but with doubts and discord among the people in power. The decline of power creates a vacuum filled with protest. ("Parkinson's Laws").

That's how it happened in our country - the overwhelming majority of Belarusians became "rebels" against their will, exclusively thanks to the actions of the authorities, and especially - to the ones of their head. It is he and his entourage who do the following:

Set the people against the authorities and their power structures;

Destroy the country's economy, in recent months - with acceleration. This leads to a further decline in the standard of living of the people, and thus - fuels the protest sentiment;

Provoke aggravation of relations in the international arena. Lukashenka has been taking all recent actions in line with the "any and all are the enemies" paradigm (they are found both inside the country, except for the law enforcement agencies, and outside it). And he manages to make enemies of almost everyone. Accordingly, his opponents are friends with practically everyone.

In the end, he is doing the groundworks for his own failure. After all, it is by definition impossible to defeat everyone.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya remarked well on this occasion: we are forced to act because the authorities no longer perform their functions. And she was not going to become a rebel in spring. Neither did millions of other Belarusians.

And everything began not with the August protests, but earlier. As experts have repeatedly noted, inadequate reaction of the authorities and first of all of Lukashenka himself to the pandemic launched the process of self-organization and consolidation of the society. But not around the authorities. It was done involuntarily - and not by the Americans' orders from a satellite. And who is the "puppeteer" here?

And now the protest sentiment is not going anywhere, because our authorities can no longer or do not want to solve any problems. Neither political, nor economic, nor social, nor the ones of foreign policy. They only furiously fight for the chair, clinging to it with their "blue fingers". However, the problems are only accumulating. And the more brutal and bloody the power is, the more it will be hated. And it, according to the latest law enforcement officials' statements, has just decided to place a bet on more blood. Consequently, the political and economic situation will only get worse.

And only the resignation of this power will immediately reduce the tension in society, as it opens a window of opportunity to solve many problems. Not all at once - but at least gives hope. It also opens up new opportunities for the elites. And more and more people, both inside and outside the country, understand this. It is not that the people and external forces have suddenly turned against good power for no reason, but the outdated and already inadequate power has provoked the reaction of the people and external forces.

Theoretically, no protests are needed. The "Puppeteer" began to destroy the country and thus his own system long before them. And if he stays, he will destroy it to the ground, with or without protests. Without protests, it will take a little longer. However, it is unlikely that the people will stop. It's another matter that the forms and methods of protest may change. Or be supplemented with new ones.

And since the confrontation will not end quickly, at least because the authorities will constantly be fuelling the protest moods, it becomes relevant to develop a strategy of struggle and new forms and methods of protest. However, to a certain degree this is happening. Take, at least, the foreign policy catastrophe of our regime. This is a completely different direction and the "grouping" is different. But the negative consequences for the regime will inevitably follow, despite Lukashenka's statement that he will live perfectly well without the "West".

Even if nothing else had happened, but just politicians at the level of Merkel, Makron, the heads of the U.S. State Department stated that I do not recognize Lukashenka, but I will meet with Tsikhanouskaya, it is a foreign policy disaster. But this has happened, and many other things, too. Despite they are keeping a bold face as if "we have striken back in kind". Ha-ha. The head of the riot police was able to strike back in kind to the US and the EU. And all their indexes immediately fell down.

On the other hand, a lot fell down at once here, including the investment attractiveness of the country and its export potential. Besides, they say that this regime is sanctioned and unrecognized, whereas the new, democratic authorities will get serious assistance, and billions of dollars are already reserved. And any sane investor, even a sane Russian one, will think that this is when I will go to this country, and in the meantime it is better to wait so as not to get dirty. Other measures will follow unambiguously, especially taking into account that our authorities deliberately provoke them and deliberately aggravate the situation.

The economy is another blow from another side, which is already inevitable. Well, and so on.

Plus a complete loss of reputation, both inside and outside the country. And as Cyril Parkinson said: If the reputation is lost, the strength will soon evaporate. The reputation of "our one" was seriously tarnished by the "parasite" decree. The clowning against the background of the coronavirus epidemic became the final straw. This is what the real choice of the people showed. But the strength still remains. Let's hope that Parkinson's right and soon it will disappear too. Let's finish with that.

Yury Pshonnik, Our Opinion