1 December 2020, Tuesday, 15:00
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"I Support the People in Their Peaceful Protests"

"I Support the People in Their Peaceful Protests"

This is a strong performance of 63-year-old Alena Hnauk from Brest.

The brave 63-year-old Alena Hnauk from Brest took part in many protests, and for one of them, which took place on October 4, she was detained and sentenced to 15 days. The Belarusian served her term in the Leninski District Department of Internal Affairs. On October 19, her prison term expired. Alena Piatrouna's friends and relatives hoped that she would return home that day. However, instead of being released, the pensioner was taken to the Leninski District Court, Salidarnasts reports.

It turned out that police detained Alena despite the fact that the court did not impose any punishment on her. A report was drawn up against the pensioner for participating in the protest rally on August 30. According to the security forces, she "publicly expressed personal and socio-political interests, protested against the current government, carried out picketing."

A column of participants of the Brest march of pensioners also came to the House of Justice to support the Brest resident.

While awaiting trial, Alena Hnauk told the audience about the conditions in the Brest detention center. A week ago, she described all the "charms" of prison life in a letter she was able to release. After this message, the woman from Brest admits, she was moved to "solitary confinement," where she went on a hunger strike for five days in protest.

- This is a basement with a barred window of about 90 by 30 cm. The only consolation is the "zoo-terrarium": mice that run behind the plexiglass of the window. Holes were drilled in the plexiglass so that air could pass through them, - Alena Piatrouna told in anticipation of the court decision.

The woman from Brest did not plead guilty. In court, she said that on August 30, when an unauthorized march took place in the city, she walked and then went to the train station to get on the train. On the way, she came across a fenced Lenin Square; there were security officers in protective ammunition behind the turnstiles. Opposite them, on the other side of the fence, there were protesters. The woman knelt between them and read a prayer to prevent violence. After that, he went to the station.

Apparently, this episode got on police officers' cameras and became the basis for the administrative protocol.

As an old dissident, I, as a caring person, as a Christian, could not afford to stay in my garden at this difficult time for the people. I did my best to prevent new bloodshed. Therefore, my position is unequivocal: I am with the people, I am for the people. I support the people in their peaceful actions. If you think I'm guilty - well, judge according to the law, - said Alena Hnauk, answering the judge's question.

The court heard the woman and her lawyer, who insisted that his client's guilt had not been proven. The court's decision was to send the case for revision. Since the term of imprisonment under the previous protocol had expired by that time, the Brest woman was going to go home. However, police officers asked her to follow them to the official car to go to the detention center for personal belongings.

The woman followed the security forces to the parking lot, where she was detained "on suspicion of committing an offense." From the court, Alena Piatrouna was again taken to the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs.