20 June 2021, Sunday, 9:21
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"Moscow Begins to Distance Itself From What Could Happen in Belarus"

"Moscow Begins to Distance Itself From What Could Happen in Belarus"

Several important statements have been made.

"Moscow is beginning to distance itself from what could happen in Minsk on October 25-26 and after these dates," said former Belarusian diplomat, ex-Lukashenka's assistant on international affairs Ihar Liashchenia.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's ultimatum will expire on October 25, after which the protesters are going to take more active action.

Liashchenia draws attention to the answer of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the question about readiness for a change of power in Belarus (October 14): "It is necessary to see the prospects for the development of our allies, the steps that will allow us to maintain good, mutually beneficial relations with them, regardless of how the internal political events will develop."

"But on October 22, official Minsk could boast of threefold attention from Moscow at once. The "routine" visit of the director of the foreign intelligence service S. Naryshkin was framed by the statements of V. Putin and D. Peskov on the Belarusian theme," the Belarusian diplomat writes on his Facebook page.

At the Valdai Discussion Club meeting, V. Putin admitted that the Belarusian security forces used unjustified cruelty. And he expressed the opinion that those who allowed this must be held accountable.

And his press secretary, in an interview with the Big Game tv show, completed the description of the depth of Russian-Belarusian relations with the conclusion that "for Putin and for Russia, the main thing is not personal relations with Lukashenka. The main thing is relations with the Belarusian people, brotherly for us," notes Liashchenia.

What politicians cannot publicly say themselves, they entrusted NTV presenter Irada Zeynalova, who said on October 18: "Lukashenka must understand that the next tranche, which will also go to pay off debts, will very much depend on how he fulfills his promises on the transit of oil products through our ports and on the referendum on the Constitution, after which elections should be held."