1 December 2020, Tuesday, 15:19
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Sunday March Took Place in Belarus

Sunday March Took Place in Belarus
Фото: Nasha Niva

More than 200 thousand people took to the streets of Minsk.

Today, October 25, the term of the People's Ultimatum to Lukashenka expires. If the usurper does not resign today, does not release political prisoners, and does not stop violence in the streets, then the national strike may become an answer to him on October 26.

To remind the dictator of their demands, the Belarusians went to the Sunday March in the center of Minsk and other cities.

The Charter97.org website conducted an online broadcast from the March.

22:00 Today's March is the most massive in recent weeks. The Belarusian people are the undisputed champion.

21:30 "Ambulance" - with the people!

21:14 This is what people think about law enforcement officials.

21:12 Metro with the people!

21:03 Look how the protesters allow the ambulance to pass. It should be noted that the riot police cordon did not let the medics through, they were forced to go around.

21:02 The protest is supported by people of all ages.

20:52 Lots of protesters in the streets of Minsk. Today, the Belarusians have demonstrated strength.

20:44 The Minsk column turn near Bahdanovich Street.

20:38 In Homel, people have come out to the evening protest rally.

20:27 A stunning video from the March in Minsk, taken by a quadcopter!

20:24 Portraits of political prisoners at the March in Minsk.

20:23 Look at how many Belarusians have come to the rallies in the regions!

20:15 At the rally in Minsk, they were distributing joke money with the image of Nina Bahinskaya today.

20:06 The evening rally of solidarity in Kobryn.

20:03 A video from the most mass March in Minsk in October.

19:51 The use of light-noise grenades was justified by the authorities by "attacks on law enforcement officers ", but there is no such "attack" in the video.

19:48 The March in Minsk. Photo from height. A stunning scale!

19:41 This is how the attack by law enforcement officials began. Warning: The following video contains coarse language!

19:36 The photo report from the beginning of the March in Minsk from the reader of the Basta telegram channel.

19:29 A paddy wagon and an APC crashed into each other near Yakub Kolas Square.

19:20 Only the National Strike can stop Lukashenka's gangster regime that shoots at its people. We remind that today the People's Ultimatum expires. Tomorrow the Belarusians will start an ongoing strike.

19:05 The peaceful protest under the cordon of riot policemen at Arlouskaya street in Minsk.

19:01 It is reported that in Hrodna, people are gathering near the local police station, where those detained on the March are kept.

18:53 Brave Belarusians in front of the riot police cordon.

18:49 Security officials shot in the backs of the protesters. We will not forget, we will not forgive!

18:47 This is a hard video. Rubber bullets and flashbang grenades are used against your own people!

18:37 "Athletes are with the people." Belarusian athletes took part in the thousand protest march in Minsk today.

18:29 Another video from Minsk Arlouskaja Street. Everything is in smoke; there was a series of explosions and shots.

18:26 Punishers have lost their nerves; they use flashbang grenades against peaceful protesters!

18:21 There are reports of clashes with security officials on Arlouskaja. "Lukashists" used flashbang grenades. One of the protesters was reportedly wounded in the shin by shrapnel.

18:12 In Baranavichy, people formed a chain of solidarity.

18:01 The column approached the bridge on Arlouskaja, behind which is the Lukashenka's palace. There is a cordon of security officials on the bridge. People came to the cordon and chanted: "He will leave you," "Tribunal," and "Go away, rat."

17:51 Protesters at Minsk Arlouskaja are chanting: "Go away, rat!"

17:48 In Navahrudak, people came to the central square and read the free press.

17:46 Tens of thousands of protesters continue the Minsk March.

17:43 Minsk residents light up flashlights on mobile phones.

17:37 Protesters walk along Arlouskaja Street in Minsk.

17:25 Brest is also crowded today.

17:15 This is just an amazing poster at the March in Minsk.

17:08 TheAMAP did not let the ambulance pass through the cordon.

17:04 Here is a view of the column of protesters in Minsk from above.

16:58 Protesters are on the bridge over the Minsk Svislach. This is a timelapse.

16:57 The column of protesters ran into the cordon of the security forces and turned around. The protesters in Minsk are now walking along Surhanava

16:48 Nasha Niva has estimated the number of protesters in Minsk at 200 thousand people!

16:46 This is a timelapse of the sea of people on Bahdanovicha street. 35 minutes are in 36 seconds.

16:41 The moment when the Minsk column passed Bangalore.

16:36 Brest residents are on the March: "We cannot be broken!"

16:29 Today people also protested in Zhodzina.

16:27 This is a timelapse of the column in Minsk. The protesters turned towards Surhanava street.

16:24 More than 100 thousand Minsk residents are chanting: "Strike!"

16:23 The famous Aliaksandra Hushcha is at the rally in Minsk. It's her birthday today.

16:19 Just look at how many people are in the rally. Journalists note that today's protest is the most numerous in October.

16:17 Protest in Minsk on Bahdanovicha Street.

16:13 Here is another poster from the Minsk protest. People reacted to the news that Lukashenka shared his potato crop with AMAP.

16:12 In Brest, people demand a tribunal over Lukashenka and Karaeu's people.

16:11 There is no end: this is how the column looked on Masherava Avenue in Minsk.

16:06 The atmosphere of the Minsk March is captured in the video. The drummers, as always, are with the people.

16:03 Protesters raised the national flag on Masherava Avenue in Minsk.

16:03 There were clashes with AMAP in Hrodna today. Blood is on the white-red-white flag.

16:01 There have not been such numerous marches in Vitsebsk for a long time!

15:59 This is protest creativity from Minsk residents.

15:57 Minsk is also chanting: "Strike!"

15:51 In Brest, people gathered in the center of Savetskaja. The crowd chants "Let them go!" and "Long live Belarus" and claps.

15:48 Minsk protest is on the photo. One of the most popular chants is "The best amendment is Sasha's resignation." This is how the protesters responded to Lukashenka's proposal to "discuss the Constitution."

15:43 Polatsk also went to protest today.

15:43 In Biarozauka, which is located in the Lida region, people are also protesting today. This is a photo from our readers.

15:39 A column of protesters in Minsk goes to the song "Warriors of Light."

15:38 Zelva today supported those who go to the March.

15:36 This was the moment when the column turned to Masherava Avenue in Minsk.

15:33 More than a hundred-thousandth column of protesters march along Masherava Avenue in Minsk.

15:32 A mass march is taking place in Navapolatsk.

15:29 The main slogan of the demonstrators today is "Strike!"

15:27 According to this video, more people have already attended today's protest than any of the Sunday demonstrations in the past month. More and more people continue to join the column.

15:26 Having gathered more tightly near the Stele, the column moved along Masherava Avenue towards the Development Bank.

15:25 This is the atmosphere at the Sunday March in Minsk. One of the participants in the procession is the Stary Olsa band.

15:22 More than 100 thousand people are near the Stele. A wonderful sight!

15:21 This is what the Stele looks like now.

15:20 At the March in Minsk, Aliaksandr Audzevich from Lida was seen - a wheelchair user who traveled 4 thousand kilometers on a handbike across Europe.

15:19 Nasha Niva counted more than a hundred thousand protesters on Peramozhtsau Avenue. This number continues to grow.

15:17 Here is a video of the human sea near the Stele.

15:15 Several tens of thousands of people are standing by the Stele. The columns continue to arrive.

15:14 Peramozhtsau Avenue near the Stele looks like this.

15:13 This is a timelapse of a column of protesters walking along Victory Avenue. There is no beginning or end of the column in the video. People come from different directions and flock to the main stream.

15:07 Tens of thousands of people flock to the Stele in Minsk.

15:06 In Hrodna, after clashes with the Nazis, the protesters got their own battle flag.

15:05 A column of thousands of protesters approached the Stele.

15:01 In Minsk, people are chanting: "Strike!"

14:59 Karaeu's fascists attacked protesters in Lida.

14:58 A huge column is walking along the streets of Vitsebsk. Drivers welcome it.

14:56 The head of the column approached the Stele.

14:55 An endless stream of people is walking along Kuibyshava Street in Minsk.

14:51 Tens of thousands of people go to the Stele.

14:50 An unknown person spat at the propagandist Lukashenka.

14:49 Navapolatsk also went to the March.

14:48 Here is a perspective from which you can better see how many people are walking on Peramozhtsau Avenue towards the Stele.

14:47 The column walks past the Sports Palace. What a power!

14:45 More than thousand people have already gathered in Hrodna on Savetskaja street.

14:44 Here is another video of the human sea on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

14:41 Vitsebsk went to the March.

14:40 People occupied the carriageway on Peramozhtsau Avenue.

14:39 This is the atmosphere on Peramozhtsau Avenue near Galleria Minsk.

14:37 The sea of people is heading towards the Stele; this is a view from a drone.

14:35 This is a video from Niamiha. This is something! Run, rat, run!

14:34 The bridge in the Niamiha area looks like this. After standing for a while at Svoboda Square, people headed towards Peramozhtsau Avenue.

14:32 People flock in columns to the center of Minsk.

14:30 Lida also went to the March.

14:29 Such a sea of people is now going to the Stele.

14:26 In the area of Freedom Square, people took to the road.

14:25 The column begins to form on Independence Avenue.

14:23 In Hrodna, people are chanting: "This is our city!"

14:22 Minskers walk from Victory Square to the center.

14:21 In Hrodna, people are chanting "Strike!" on the March.

14:19 Mass March takes place in Hrodna.

14:14 Freedom Square, hundreds of Minsk residents are moving to protest.

14:12 Nina Bahinskaja goes to the March.

13:48 Residents of Minsk districts began to move towards the center.