1 December 2020, Tuesday, 14:29
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Valery Karbalevich: How Can a Citizen of Belarus Not Be Allowed to Return Home?

Valery Karbalevich: How Can a Citizen of Belarus Not Be Allowed to Return Home?

This is a complete legal mess.

"We are witnessing once again a situation of complete legal absurdity," political observer Valery Karbalevich noted in the express commentary to Salidarnasts.

— How do they close the border in a normal country? A legislative act must be announced in advance - a government decree, for example, or a parliamentary decision.

They have introduced it without prior notice by the decision of the State Border Committee. This is not his function. This is the function of the higher state authorities.

The fact that for some time, the Belarusian citizens returning home from abroad were not allowed, the expert calls a legal absurdity.

- How can a citizen of Belarus not be allowed into his own country? This is a complete legal mess.

According to the political scientist, the introduction of restrictions on entry into the country is "a sign of nervous turmoil at our political top."

- It was announced there that the color revolution in Belarus is controlled from abroad, they themselves believed in this myth, and now the logical consequence is that the border must be closed. Although modern means of communication do not require physically crossing the border to manage, there are many other possibilities.

Valery Karbalevich draws attention to the fact that railway and air communication was not interrupted.

- This is clearly not an epidemiological situation, but a purely political thing - to prevent interference from abroad in our Belarusian affairs.