4 December 2020, Friday, 20:11
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Time For Solidarity

Time For Solidarity

The events are developing very rapidly.

Dissenting students are expelled, workers and artists are fired in Belarus! The usurper boldly declares that people should be subjected to repression for their opinions and that he himself has given the order to shoot at people and break into apartments, the MKB telegram channel writes. The events are developing very rapidly, and there is very little time left from the arrival of policemen in balaclavas at the front gates of enterprises and universities to the inscription "Arbeit macht frei"!

Today, on October 30, we call on everyone to support the future of OUR Belarus - those brave and honest young guys who are not afraid to oppose the regime of terror and torture!


Gather around or inside your university and demand a meeting with the rector, bringing back of those expelled and guarantees that your alma mater will not prosecute anyone for civil position.

Unite by groups, batches and whole courses! Enough with the silence! Enough with the patience! If you, the youth of Belarus, can't say your loaded word, then it might be too late to say it afterwards.


Workers, IT specialists, cultural workers, pensioners and everyone! Come to the nearest university to support our common future - the guys need YOUR support more than ever!

Solidarity is our strength!