27 November 2020, Friday, 11:24
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Parents Arrange ‘Cold Shower’ For Gymnasium Headmaster Who Set Riot Policemen On Children

Parents Arrange ‘Cold Shower’ For Gymnasium Headmaster Who Set Riot Policemen On Children

More than a hundred Minsk residents came to the spontaneous action.

This morning, a spontaneous parenting meeting was held at the gymnasium # 4 in Minsk, rebenok.by reports.

More than a hundred people from Minsk came to a meeting with the headmaster. They expressed their indignation that yesterday policemen wearing helmets and bulletproof vests came to the gymnasium and frightened the children.

As it turned out, officers of the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came on the “panic button” call to detain a man who came to the gymnasium with a poster “You are incredible.”

The Minsker turned out to be the father of the gymnasium students. The man's name is Andrei Asipenka, he has four minor children, three of them go to this school.

The father wanted to support schoolchildren who sang Belarusian-language songs and took part in protest actions during breaks. After yesterday's detention, the spouse found her husband in the detention center on Akrestsin Street.


The students' parents tried to find out from the headmaster just who and why called the police to arrest the parent. Those present were outraged that the administration could not resolve the situation peacefully.

- Why didn't you approach this man yourself? You know him. He was a member of the board of trustees! - asked the parents.

- Where were your deputies? Where were the teachers? All you did was call the police for a person with a positive poster!

Headmaster Andrei Gotsman explained that the alarm button had worked. At that time he himself was at a meeting and did not know that it was about one of the students' parents.

According to him, “an incomprehensible person with a poster” appeared on the territory of the gymnasium, and the watchwoman had to ensure the safety of the children, because she does not know all the parents by the appearance:

“If a mentally ill person was running here and approaching the children, you would be the first to ask me later: why the watchwoman didn’t call the police,” said the headmaster. “He unfurled a poster. The watchwoman could not see from afar what was there.”

- So let her take a look, - comes from the crowd. - Moreover, she herself ran after this dad and insulted him.

Andrei Gotsman specified that he recognized the man as one of the parents when he was already detained.

- You could have canceled the police call! Why didn't you? - was the response.

- He was already detained when I came.

- This is not true! - shouted the parents. They interrupted each other, saying that they were now afraid both for themselves and for their children. And this is not normal.

- Is it okay to approach school with a poster? - Andrei Gotsman tried to parry. - Now is not the time to walk near the school with posters.

- Is that forbidden? By what law? What was so criminal on the poster that it gave the right to detain the man?

“Parents must not stand with a poster today,” the headmaster repeated.

- It has positive words! - the parents were perplexed.

“A call to a rally ...” Gotsman began, but his words were drowned in dozens of exclamations:

- What call? What are you talking about? He did not call for anything. Voice it if you have heard something.

The headmaster revealed his version: a man with a poster asked the children to go out onto the porch. The parents started shouting again that this was not true. And they repeated that the children were afraid of the police.

- My daughter was very scared yesterday, it was such a strong fear that she could not go to school today. Why did you call the police? - once again asked one of the parents. - Yesterday I was telling my daughter on the phone how to get home, literally step by step. She was just standing there, all tense, waiting for me to come and take her.

The audience demanded that Andrei Gotsman should take concrete steps to free the man. However, there was no answer.

After 20 minutes of discussion, the headmaster referred to being busy and returned to the gymnasium. Parents shouted at him several times: “Shame!”

The journalists contacted the wife of the detained man, Iryna Asipenka. She just learned that her husband was sentenced to 15 days of arrest.

- The trial ended about 40 minutes ago. The lawyer and I were late. I clarified with the assistant judges: my husband was given the maximum. Nobody knows why. We have four minor children.

Iryna is thinking about how to appeal the court decision. She does not know her husband’s whereabouts.