2 December 2020, Wednesday, 16:07
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Women's March of Solidarity With Strikers Was Held in Minsk

Women's March of Solidarity With Strikers Was Held in Minsk
Photo: belsat.eu

Protesters marched along Independence Avenue.

Independent Telegram channels called on women from Minsk to participate in the Women's March of Solidarity with the striking Belarusians. The March in Minsk began near the cinema "Belarus" and ended on Yakub Kolas Square.

The Charter97.org website broadcasted the March online.

The Charter97.org website broadcasts the March online.

15:55 The Women's March in Minsk has come to an end. Participants of the action disperse.

15:44 In the meantime, the column of the Minsk March reached Yakub Kolas Square. They chant: "Long live Belarus!"

15:43 The Women's March was also held in Zhodzina.

15:31 The protesters in Minsk approached the traffic police car and scolded the driver.

15:26 At the March, Karpenkau, Kachanava, and other evil forces were trolled with costumes and posters.

15:17 This is another inspiring photo report from Marsh from tut.by.

15:15 The March Column reached Victory Square.

15:14 Legendary 83-year-old activist Jan Hryb takes part in the march. In his hands, he holds a white-red-white flag.

15:11 This is another striking photo report from the March from Nasha Niva.

15:09 A column of women walks past the circus.

15:07 Belsat published bright photos of the Women's March.

15:03 Women on the March surrounded a patrol car and shouted: "How much is conscience worth?"

15:00 Protesters walk along Independence Avenue.

14:58 "The monster is you, Sasha." Belarusians went to the March with incredible posters.

14:55 A delightful column is in the center of Minsk: there is another powerful video from the March.

14:49 Participants of the March passed October Square and continue to move along Independence Avenue.

14:44 March participants cheer each other with applause on October Square.

14:44 "There is no place for dictatorship from Khabarovsk to Brest." Today's March has become the brightest because of the variety of slogans and chants.

14:42 The protesters continue the rally on October Square in Minsk.

14:41 Volunteers are distributing tea at the March in Minsk.

14:36 "It's time to get up and drive the cattle out!" Today's March is distinguished by cool chants.

14:36 Here is another video showing the massive nature of the March.

14:32 This is the column's timelapse: what it looked like near the State Department store (GUM).

14:30 The protesters reached October Square.

14:27 The March's united column reached the KGB pre-trial detention center and chanted: "Let them out!"

14:25 This is another video from the Women's March in Minsk.

14:21 From Independence Square, the united March moved towards October Square.

Photo: onliner.by
Photo: onliner.by
Photo: onliner.by

14:17 "Our children are the best!" the participants of the Women's March chant in support of students.

14:17 The Women's March was loud!

14:12 Belarusian women came to the March with creative posters.

14:07 On Independence Avenue, the Women's March united with the March of People with Disabilities.

14:04 Passing by the pre-trial detention center on Valadarskaha Street, the March participants are chanting: "Freedom!"

14:00 The March reached Niamiha. Girls chant slogans, and passing cars honk them.

Photo: onliner.by
Photo: onliner.by

13:54 A new chant appeared at the Women's March.

13:54 Women at the March chant: "Long live Belarus!"

13:48 Participants of the March demand new elections. They carry flowers and national symbols in their hands.

Photo: onliner.by
Photo: onliner.by
Photo: onliner.by

13:41 There are several hundred women in the Women's March.

13:36 The Women's March started near the Belarus cinema.