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Transcription Of Negotiations Of Lukashenka's Entourage Bandits

Transcription Of Negotiations Of Lukashenka's Entourage Bandits

What became known from the new telephone conversation between Eismant and Baskau.

The NEXTA Telegram channel published the second portion of the audio-recordings of telephone conversations with the voices that strongly resemble the voices of well-known people. In the first audio record, the people sounding like President of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation Dzmitry Baskau and his friend, fighter Dzmitry Shakuta, are discussing something very similar to the events that unfolded in the Square of Changes and led to the death of Raman Bandarenka - both Baskau and Shakuta were previously suspected of having been in the Square of Changes on that tragic night.

In the new record, there are also two interlocutors - one of the voices still strongly resembles Baskau’s voice, and the other one is very similar to the voice of Natallia Eismant, Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s Spokesperson who had been blacklisted by the EU. The two voices discussed the actions very familiar to Belarusians in the recent months - the demolition of ribbons and murals. For this, the voices were gathering a big company (calling very familiar names), discussed the defense from the ordinary people, mentioned the names of top-ranked security officials – and were getting seriously armed. Moreover, the prospect of attacking people did not scare them, rather, amused, Tribuna writes.

The Telegram channel claims that these conversations took place on October 18-19. Exactly on this night, some company destroyed the white-red-white ribbons in the “Megapolis” residential complex - there, the people looking very much like Shakuta and Baskau were spotted, and not only them. Apart from this, the interlocutors confirm directly and indirectly that the conversation was taking place on Sunday - it was precisely October 18.

The woman’s voice called the interlocutor “Dima” (Dzmitry), while the man’s voice called the interlocutor “Natulia”, correspondingly, this is how Tribuna refers to these participants of the audio record in the transcription below.

This is what can be concluded after listening to the negotiations in question.

Not all “executives” knew each other, and the driver of “Dima” had had a beer, but it did not affect the plan, apparently

As it follows from the conversation, 12 people were out for that “walk”. At least not everyone of them knew each other before - “Natulia” offered “Dima” to dedicate 15-20 minutes before the actual start-off to “getting acquainted in general” and distribute duties: “some should video-record everything by phone, some would talk, like, what should be done and by whom.” Apart from that, “Natulia” clarified that it was planned to leave the drivers in the cars on watch “just in case”. The company was going to get to the place on two minibuses: one of the company members agreed to drive the first minibus, while “Dima” decided to entrust his own driver to drive the other minibus, with himself on board, as the driver was the former member of the Lukashenka’s Security Service, and it will allegedly give some guarantees. However, later it turned out that Dima’s driver didn’t know about the whole idea and had a beer, like, “well, it’s Sunday, I’ve just come from the village”. It is unclear how they resolved the situation, but, apparently, this did not affect the plan.

“Natulia” complained about Internet having been switched off, and explained there is no Wi-fi network in the Independence Palace

“Natulia” has justified the need for a telephone conversation instead of online messengers by the absence of the actual internet - obviously, the events were happening on Sunday, as the authorities regularly cut the internet on Sundays to make holding of the traditional marches more complicated for many weeks in a row. After yet another complaint by “Natulia”, “Dima” suggested switching to Wi-fi, to which she replied, rather nervously: “What kind of a Wi-fi in the Independence Palace, are you nuts?”, and explained that wireless network only happens to be there at some large events, and by passport - “Dima” didn’t know that. Such awareness of the interlocutor only increases suspicions that this voice could really belong to Natallia Eismant - Lukashenka’s Spokeswoman often works in the aforementioned building.

“Dima” passed “Natulia” the numbers of cars of Shakuta and Zakharau - the vehicles with such numbers were indeed spotted at the automobile rally

“Natulia” reminded that the company needed to “meet, leave the cars and change vehicles” - for the latter, she suggested a place “near the Tsar Gates close to Drazdy”, but for this it was necessary to pass the numbers of the vehicles to some man called Shakhrayeu. There is a person called Dzmitry Shakhrayeu, and he has headed the Lukashenka Security Service since 2017. Later, “Dima” informed that he sent the numbers of his car and the car of Dzmitry Shakuta to “Natulia” - this is another brick in the wall of the suspicion that Baskau’s friend-namesake the fighter participated in such events. After that, “Dima” asked to write down the number of the car “of that guy, Zakharau” - and voiced it directly, having clarified that this car “belonged to the Federation”. We will not publish the numbers, but the car with such a number plate got into the frame during pro-government automobile rallies, in which the Head Coach of the Belarusian national ice hockey team Mikhail Zakharau participated many times.

The name of the hockey player, already suspected after the video from “Megapolis”, sounded

There are many names in the record - “Natulia” mentions Ksiusha, Siarhei, Ania, Lena - we have no versions on their personalities, and also some people who “were tasked to join us”. However, when “Dima” explained with whom he would arrive, he mentioned “The Volchak family, my neighbours”. Later, “Dima” confirmed to “Natulia” that he would bring “Pasha and Zhanetta”. This information strengthens the very precise suspicion – the people looking very much like the hockey player of the Lukashenka team Pavel Volchak and his wife Zhanetta were spotted in the video from “Megapolis” immediately after it had been published. Tribuna then tried to take an interview from the hockey player, but he first asked to call him back in a few hours, and then ignored calls.

Karayeu ordered not to remove the number plates, his deputy was seen in “Megapolis” on the night they cut off the ribbons (they are talking about it here), riot police support

During the discussion of the “operation”, “Natulia” remarked, laughing: “The coolest thing would be if not strangers, but our guys will…” (it is not clear what verb followed the “will” from the record), but she added immediately that this was impossible. It became clear from the company’s further conversation whom they meant by “our guys” - they mentioned the data of the top-level security officials.

During the preliminary discussion, “Dima” clarified from “Natulia” whether they would have their license plates removed. The interlocutor replied that Shakhrayeu advised to take off the plates only if the cars will get “very close” (probably, to the cameras of the local residents) - but if they kept safe distance, they can just tell their numbers to Kubrakou “to avoid any questions”. As of October 18, the holder of the name Ivan Kubrakou headed the Internal Affairs City Directorate at Minsk City Executive Committee – a week and a half later he was appointed as Head of the entire Ministry of the Interior. Meanwhile, “Natulia” believed it would be better to remove the license plates, and pass Kubrakou the description of the vehicles. However, later on, in one of the conversations, she informed: “Karayeu is telling me not to remove the number plates, due to some reason…”. The man named Yury Karayeu was the Minister of the Interior of Belarus as of October 18 - he was replaced by Kubrakou.

During the telephone conversations of “Dima” and “Natulia” at the time of the actual trip, it turned out that their route included several spots, namely, some “epicenter where about 500 of them come out”, a “Tabakerka” tobacco kiosk, with which “Dima” personally asked to work, and they were supposed to “finish the mission” “along the Dziarzhynski Avenue” - this is where the “Megapolis” residential complex is located. In one of the last conversations, “Natulia” is speaking about the place where the ribbons “are hanging alongside the road” - and the curious thing is that the white-red-white ribbons in “Megapolis” were indeed seen from the side of the Avenue. Herein, “Natulia” told “Dima” about the cover up by the riot police from Aliaksandr Piatriovich, and she even called the surname later - Barsukou. This is the name of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs as of October 18, now - Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s aide in Minsk. A person looking like Barsukou was noticed in “Megapolis” in the night of October 18 to 19 – this man, being surrounded by Almaz fighters, allegedly called the Akrestsin Street detention center and asked to prepare the cells for four people. However, it all ended without detentions - the locals simply dispersed.

To the order to “take” people, “Dima” replied with a laugh that he ought to “put them in the trunk”

“Natulia” mentioned the parting request from Karayeu - he discussed the “operation” with “you know who”, after which he told her there was an instruction “not to only show them their proper place, but to take them”. Judging by the conversation, they meant the local residents who could possibly come out to defend the ribbons - that is, “Natulia” and “Dima” could have faced the prospect of using force against the people. However, the interlocutors obviously had no problem with that. “Natulia” asked, giggling, where they were supposed to “pack” them, to which “Dima”, with a laugh, calmly responded: “In the tank”, which made “Natulia” laugh again. However, as we already said, they managed without it in “Megapolis”.

“Natulia” asked to take “combat tools” with them, she herself had one “with the rubber”, others - “sprayers, sticks”

“Natulia” told “Dima”so that he asked the other Dima (“that most combat friend of yours”) to take the “tools, both combat and not” - like, Karayeu informed her about the availability of such. This makes us suggest that “the most combat friend” was Shakuta - Yury Karayeu definitely know him, as he headed the internal troops where the fighter works, and Karayeu also remains the head of the Kickboxing and Thai Boxing Federation, which are Shakuta’s main kinds of sports. “Dima” said then that “boss instructed to take the stuff” - “Natulia” replied, giggling “It seems we are going to some war”. Judging by her words, this may refer to weapons.

Later, “Dima” asked “Natulia” to clarify, “to take or not to take”, and she replied that she would be “instructed by the Minister.” She boasted that she had “one with rubber”, and that she was ordered to take it with her, to which “Dima” said “That’s fun”. They were supposed to arm the other members of their team as well - “Natulia” tenderly called their arsenal “Sprayers, sticks”. “Dima” approved, “Nice, get them packed”. After that both burst out laughing, and then gave one phrase together - “Let’s take a walk and spray around tonight”.

They had a lot of discussion of whether they should have a drink before the trip - and here the fail with glasses occurred

“Natulia” offered to have a drink before the trip in all the conversations. She was all for Massandra - the wine produced in the Crimea. “Natulia” first declared that she had two whole boxes of this drink, the present of the “Russian Ambassador”, but then she added that was a joke. Not long before the start, she clarified whether she should take the Massandra, but then she told “Dima” that she “understood by the reaction of the company that they were a bit shy” - but the interlocutor approved the plan and told her to “take all that you have”.

However, already on the way a grand fail revealed itself - they forgot to take the glasses! To solve the problem, they decided to drive by a local shop and buy the glasses - and at this moment “Natulia” added merrily: “And buy something normal, are we going to choke on this wine?”

“Dima” was apparently cautious about telephone conversations - as we see, not for nothing

It seems that “Dima” had suspicions about the possible tapping (as we see, he was right). At some moment, “Natulia” remarked that her interlocutor was “rather moody”, to which “Dima” replied that he didn’t know what he could tell via “ordinary telephone communication”. True, the possibility of interception of their conversation did not prevent the interlocutors from a rather detailed description of their plans, as you can see from our analysis.