24 November 2020, Tuesday, 7:12
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‘Whole World Now Knows Belarus By Sea Of White-Red-White Flags In Streets’

‘Whole World Now Knows Belarus By Sea Of White-Red-White Flags In Streets’

Everyone understands that the Lukashenka regime has no prospects.

Political observer Aliaksandr Klaskouski commented on the situation in Belarus in the light of the latest personnel reshuffle carried out by Lukashenka:

- The personnel anti-selection characteristic of Lukashenka's system (when positions are given not to the best, but to gray, servile ones) is now getting worse. The choice is getting poorer.

Not everyone in the state apparatus is eager to make a career now, while others generally prefer to get out of there before it's too late. Those who are smarter understand that the regime has no long-term prospects.

In addition, now all government agencies are somehow involved in the repression. And many professionals do not want to get dirty, they think about their future, about the inevitable responsibility - not to the dictator, but to the new government ...

An ideological struggle is going on. The authorities understand the power of symbolism. But at the same time, they themselves are doing so that the official symbols are increasingly associated with injustice and violence. You can't imagine discrediting the red-green flags more than their placement on paddy wagons.

And on the contrary, the fight against the white-red-white symbols only enhances their attractiveness, including among the young people who were apolitical before the last elections.

The whole world now knows Belarus by the sea of white-red-white flags in the streets, fantastically expressive, perfect in their aesthetics.