26 November 2020, Thursday, 12:49
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Army Must Take the Main Criminal Into Custody

Army Must Take the Main Criminal Into Custody

Belarusian army has a unique opportunity to become heroes of the nation.

The “Basta!” Telegram channel shared a call to the Belarusian army officers, calling for overthrowing the illegitimate government.

- “Today, there is one fact in the country, known and understandable to anyone - the illegal seizure of power by force. The illegitimate president in a criminal way, with the help of the bandits loyal to him, retains power and terrorizes the people, represses and destroys them.

The overthrow of such power by the army has nothing to do with a military coup. This is not a coup, because power is already abused and seized in an illegal way. Overthrowing this illegitimate government would mean the restoration of justice and legitimacy, and the protection of the people, as well as liberating them from terror. There are already enough reasons for the army to remove this criminal regime, as some of army’s representatives say “[it is possible to remove the regime] in one day”. Is the army with the people? No! The army currently maintains a neutral position and waits for a convenient moment, looking at which side the scales tilt - either on the side of the people, or on the side of the illegitimate government. The army will most likely join whichever side wins. If in the final election results, there were 52% of votes for Tsikhanouskaya, and 48% of votes for Lukashenka, then yes, the society would have split up, made its choice, and the shares would be practically equal. It would be strange for an army to participate in the political conflict, and if it did participate, it would be a military coup. But in this situation, when the whole country stood up against the dictatorship and, because of its humanity, peacefully protests, and the illegitimate government kills and beats its people with blue fingers, then the army being on the sidelines, indifferent as an observer, is also a crime.

The function of the army is to protect the country from an external enemy. But today there is no external enemy! There is only an internal enemy, and he is the most dangerous for the society and the state! Do you want this enemy to leave only ruins? The ruins of the economy, the ruins of politics, the ruins of the law, the ruins of human rights, the collapsed banking system, closed factories, and an oppressed nation in general! The army is a part of the Belarusian society! Do you want to live in such a country yourself? Do you want your children to live in the same conditions?

The army takes an oath to the people!

What the army not only can, but must do:

Send troops into the city, take into custody the main criminal and all his henchmen.

Ensure the safe return of the rightfully elected president

Maintain stability and order for 6 months, while the new President and her team organize new, fair elections that meet all international standards.

To provide assistance in the arrest of all those involved in keeping the power of the criminals - to take control of the riot police and all the gangster groups of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including its leadership.

All this must be done by the end of 2020. Then the army will be with the people, and its commanders - the heroes of the country, its people and an example to the whole world.

At the moment, the army is not with the people,” - the reader of the Telegram channel shared his opinion.