26 November 2020, Thursday, 13:13
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‘Basta!’: We Demand Direct Negotiations With Authorities - This Sunday, 14.00, Independence Square

‘Basta!’: We Demand Direct Negotiations With Authorities - This Sunday, 14.00, Independence Square

Saving Belarus requires solving three issues.

The situation in our country has reached a crucial point. The world community does not recognize the presidential election in Belarus. Because of this, the country has lost the last investments it had, and will soon get under serious economic sanctions. There is virtually no money in the state treasury to pay salaries and pensions. The nuclear power plant, launched despite numerous undones, went all to rack and ruin at once. Even the most dumb-headed officials of Lukashenka understand that it is necessary to find the way out of the situation, the “Basta!” Telegram channel writes.

Recently, Head of the “House of Representatives” Uladzimir Andreichanka stated that it is important “to involve as many Belarusians as possible into the all-nation dialogue”. But we know that a dialogue for them is just some empty words rolling about. To help the country resolve the current crisis sooner, direct negotiations between the people and the power are needed.

The situation is critical, time is running out. That is why we are calling on Andreichanka, Head of the Council of Ministers Halouchanka, and Head of the Minsk City Executive Office Kukharau to come to Independence Square in Minsk at 14.00 on November 22, and hold direct negotiations with the people. It is precisely in Independence Square where the House of Government, the Parliament, and the Minsk City Executive Office are located.

We reckon that three issues need to be solved to lead Belarus out of the crisis:

Resignation of Lukashenka, who has lost the election;

Release of political prisoners;

Holding of new free elections.

We are also ready to hear what the officials have to offer.

In the regions, the negotiations will take place near the executive offices also at 14.00, on November 22.

Long Live Belarus!