26 November 2020, Thursday, 13:25
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"The Struggle for Survival Has Begun": Three Versions of Phone Leaks From Retired KGB Colonel Valery Kostka

"The Struggle for Survival Has Begun": Three Versions of Phone Leaks From Retired KGB Colonel Valery Kostka

Negotiations of Lukashenka's inner circle appeared on the Internet for a reason.

Former KGB Colonel Valery Kostka commented on the leaked audio recordings of Lukashenka's inner circle to the Belarusian Partisan:

- The leaks of telephone conversations from Lukashenka's closest circle appeared for a reason. There are three main versions.

The first version. Most of our colleagues drew attention to the fact that the leaks occurred on the eve of Sergey Lavrov's visit. Lukashenka promised Putin a "constitutional reform" to calm society down, but he failed to fulfill his promise in three and a half months.

Therefore, before Lavrov's arrival, audio recordings are thrown out - in order to deprive Lukashenka of any arguments in a conversation with Putin's envoy: now the Kremlin will give orders, and Lukashenka will comply.

The second version also has the right to life. If we look at the last meetings with Lukashenka's participation, we notice that Eismont is sitting third to Lukashenka's left, and the chairman of the KGB is only the fourth!

It turns out that Lukashenka's press secretary is already higher than the KGB chairman in the table of ranks. This state of affairs might not have liked the Belarusian special services: Eismont calls both Barsukou and the ministers and gives instructions, suggests Masakru.

She already feels herself the second president - also illegitimate, but the second. It could irritate many and cause this leak - like a blow to Eismont.

The third version: everything goes to its logical conclusion. Sooner or later, big beef will begin: who is to blame and who was doing what. There is a tendency to blame the Balabas, Karpiankous, Barsukous, so this could be done to set up a competing agency among the special services.

This leak strikes both Lukashenka's inner circle and the Interior Ministry. Like spiders in a jar, the special services began to struggle for survival: the food supply is over, they begin to eat each other.

There are three main versions: FSB, KGB, and internal fight.

- Are the records reliable, or is there reason to suspect fakes?

- Of course, one can suspect a fake leak. But the question is, HOW TO FAKE THE VOTES, HOW TO FAKE THE MANNER OF EVERYDAY COMMUNICATION, THE LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE of the main characters?

It is unlikely that Telegram channels or someone else were engaged in the falsification of the records - they are far from Lukashenka's entourage's inner workings.

Let's say these are fakes. The first is fake; the second is fake - since someone is doing this, it means that this is done for a specific purpose. And the point is not to glorify Natasha Eismant; these are blows to the entire Lukashenka's system, or to the Ministry of Internal Affairs structure - this is purposeful work. And I think that whoever controls all telephone conversations is doing this.

We nevertheless concluded that this is not fake but real. But who is behind this - it will not be possible to answer right away. We need to investigate, and we have no opportunity to investigate.

We are expressing versions that must be either confirmed or refuted by the investigation.