24 November 2020, Tuesday, 18:40
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Dozens of Thousands Belarusians Take Part In Sunday March Across Country

Dozens of Thousands Belarusians Take Part In Sunday March Across Country
Photo: Belsat

Long Live Belarus!

Today, on November 22, Sunday Marches are held in Minsk and many cities of Belarus.

The Charter97.org website provides live coverage of the protest events.

19:37 A timelapse of the column in Kurasoushchyna, Minsk.

19:37 In Hrodna, people also go to the evening solidarity rallies.

19:26 The action of solidarity was also held in Mahiliou.

19:24 Pruzhany also protested today.

19:22 The columns cheerfully greet each other at the moment of unification.

19:20 Today in Minsk, on Liubimau Avenue, women fought off a Belarusian woman with a white-red-white flag from the executioners. The video clearly shows the weapons of the security forces, which are used against civilians.

19:17 After the March, the Shabany district formed a chain of solidarity.

19:11 The partisans of Zhabinka and Narach went to the evening protests.

19:04 During the March, residents of the Maskouski district chanted: “Shame on the court!”

19:01 Navahradak also protested today.

18:58 On Holubeu Street in Minsk, protesters raised their hands in front of the security forces. The latter simply did not know what to do, got into their vehicles, and left.

18:52 Another protest near the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow. Among the protesters - singer Angelica Agurbash.

18:44 A poster in the protesting Minsk.

18:42 Smilavichy supported Minsk.

18:26 The protesters mounted the earthen mound in Liubimau Avenue today.

18:21 “We believe, we can, we shall win!” - another video of the protesters in Minsk.

18:20 Belarusians in St.Petersburg support the protesters in Minsk.

17:55 See the column from the Zavodzki district marching on the driveway near the Tractor Plant.

17:51 The counterstand between the protesters and the executioners. Belarusians no longer fear even stun grenades.

17:43 People went onto the roadway in many parts of Minsk.

17:42 Protest actions grow into solidarity chains.

17:26 Illia Charepka-Samakhvalau, the lead singer of the Petlya Pristrastiya band, has been detained.

17:20 See how the free Belarusians returned from the protest rally in Minsk.

17:10 Belarusians drive away the fascists from the streets of their city. The executioners are running away.

17:01 The protesters let the ambulance vehicle pass in Minsk.

16:55 A new chant from Minsk residents: “The protest will die out when the dictator dies!”

16:51 See how the protesters recaptured their comrades from the fascists.

16:49 The largest column gathered today in Uruchcha, Minsk.

16:48 Minsk protesters said hello to the protesters in Khabarovsk.

16:38 The protesters in the Mikhalova area chanted: “Strike!”

16:35 There were dozens of such columns in Minsk today. We can say that several tens of thousands of people took part in the action.

16:32 In Mahiliou, the protesters honored the memory of Raman Bandarenka.

16:30 A video of the column at the March in Brest.

16:23 Just look at the protests in Malinauka-Brylevichy, in Minsk.

16:20 A solidarity action was held in Polatsk today.

16:13 The clumsy riot police.

16:10 Minskers continue walking in city streets.

16:06 Watch how Minsk residents beat off a girl from the executioners. Well done!

16:03 A stunning time-lapse of one of the columns of the Minsk March.

15:54 Thousands of Minsk residents in Uruchcha chanted “Tribunal!” today.

15:49 “Go away, you and your riot police,” the column in the Kastrychnitski district of Minsk is chanting.

15:47 Hundreds of Minsk residents have gathered in Kamennaya Horka right now.

15:46 Minsk residents are chanting: “How's the feeling?”

15:43 A huge column has passed from the Belarus department store along Partyzanski Avenue.

15:42 A powerful video from the March on Pushkinskaya.

15:41 A mass procession is taking place in Masyukoushchyna at this moment.

15:40 Minsk. People are walking along the roadway to Sukharava.

15:40 A timelapse of a huge column, which went to the March in the Kastrychnitski district of Minsk.

15:38 Belarusians are becoming bolder and more determined in our very eyes. A series of explosions near the Kamennaya Horka metro station did not frighten the protesters - they remained standing in their places.

15:36 Residents of Kurasoushchyna marched through their yards.

15:35 Minskers have chased away the executioners in Alsheuski Street.

15:32 A huge column of protesters have gathered in the area of the Zubr monument in Minsk.

15:30 A column of people in the area of the House of Culture for Railway Workers in Minsk.

15:30 Another video of the March in Uruchcha and Novaya Baravaya.

15:24 Lahoisk is out for the Sunday protest.

15:23 Near the Uskhod metro station, people are standing in a chain of solidarity.

15:23 In Malinauka, local residents have blocked the riot police.

15:20 In Minsk, the column is simply walking along the roadway, chanting “Join in!”

15:18 Residents of the Sokol settlement have reached the highway.

15:17 A timelapse of a huge column on Danila Serdzich Street in Minsk.

15:16 Zhabinka partisans on the act.

15:13 Minskers have chased away the executioners and forced them to hide in their buses.

15:12 A huge column is coming from Loshytsa.

15:11 It's very loud in Minsk now. Motorists have blocked the street.

15:08 “There are more of them, wow!” a child in Minsk was surprised when he saw a huge column.

15:06 In Brest, the march takes place in different parts of the city.

15:05 This is how the March goes near the Partyzanskaya metro station.

15:02 Masyukouschyna and Shevchenko Boulevard are confidently marching towards victory.

15:00 A column of athletes is also marching through the streets of Minsk.

14:56 Barricades are being built in the courtyards near Kamennaya Horka.

14:55 Minsk. People are gathering at Kurgan in the Southwest.

14:51 “This is our city!” people have fought back the executioners on Holubeu Street.

14:49 This is what the protest looks like on Dziarzhynsky Street near the Titan shopping center.

14:47 It's time to change bald tires!

14:45 A timelapse of a huge column of people on Chkalau Street in Minsk.

14:43 Another column of protesters has formed in Uruchcha.

14:41 Another very long column in the capital.

14:39 Residents of Hrodna have taken to the streets with their flags.

14:37 Residents of the regional center Iuye have come to the March.

14:35 The flow of people on the marches in Minsk does not end.

14:34 The column in Uruchcha is chanting “Look out of the window instead of watching TV”.

14:32 The area of Serdzich Street in Minsk - a huge column.

14:29 Thousands of people have occupied Haradzetskaya Street in Minsk.

14:28 Residents of Sokol are moving towards the roadway.

14:27 This is the column of people in the Maskouski district.

14:26 The city is ours!

14:25 “Go away, you and your riot police!” the people are chanting.

14:24 One of the largest columns is in Uruchcha.

14:23 It feels like the whole Minsk has come out today.

14:22 The march is also taking place on Zhudro Street.

14:21 A column going along Varanyanski Street in Minsk.

14:20 Residents of the Sharyki microdistrict are out for the March.

14:18 Zapad district in Minsk is out for the March.

14:16 Minsk. A procession in the area of Kazinets Square.

14:16 The column in the Southwest marching with a musical accompaniment.

14:15 Belarusians have fought back the fascists.

14:15 Hrushauka is confidently marching towards the center.

14:14 An impressive column of protesters has passed through the Kuntsaushchyna microdistrict.

14:14 Serabranka is taking on a massive March.

14:11 Minsk residents are marching under the slogans “Lukashenka to a paddy wagon!” and “Join In!”

14:10 Minsk. There is also a column not far from the Partyzanskaya metro station.

14:09 A powerful column is going through the Kastrychnitski district of Minsk.

14:06 A huge column from Hrushauka is marching to the amicable “Long live Belarus!”, and the honking from motorists.

14:03 A huge column of protesters has passed near the Kamarouski market.

14:02 The column from Kalinouski Street has come to Independence Avenue in Minsk.

14:01 Zhodzina is also out for the March.

14:00 In Malinauka, people with raised hands drove the riot police away.

13:56 A large column of demonstrators has reached the center of Minsk.

13:54 Minsk. A large group of people left the courtyards from the Chyhunachnaya Street side, and started movement in the direction of Hurski Street.

13:51 Many people have come out in the Automobile Plant district.

13:50 The residents of the Minsk-Mir residential area have also taken to the March.

13:49 Kurasoushchyna is marching in a dense column.

13:44 A timelapse of a huge column in Zialiony Luh.

13:40 Minsk is honking in support of the protesters.

13:38 People have taken to the roadway in yet another district of Minsk.

13:37 Another video of a huge column in Uruchcha. People are chanting: “We believe, we can, we shall win!” and “Join in!”

13:36 Minsk. People are walking along Bahdanovich Street towards the center.

13:35 In Lahoiski tract, a large column of protesters approaches the assembly point.

13:34 The river of people is marching along Zialiony Luh.

13:33 In Hrodna, residents of the Folush district have come to the March.

13:32 A video of a column of many thousands in Uruchcha.

13:31 The famous white-red-white bride is back in the ranks, and has come to the March.

13:30 Zhodzina, Zaslaul and Vaukavysk has taken to the March.

13:29 Minsk. A long column of people is marching in Kuntsaushchyna.

13:28 In Malinauka, people have chased the security forces away, come onto the roadway, and are chanting: “Long live Belarus!”

13:27 In Kamennaya Horka, people have taken to the roadway.

13:26 Huge columns are moving throughout Minsk.

13:26 A column from Bangalore Square is now marching along Bahdanovich Street.

13:23 About four thousand people have already taken to the March in Uruchcha.

13:22 A timelapse of one more numerous column of Minskers at the March.

13:21 In some places, Minsk residents began to enter the roadway.

13:20 Residents of the Minsk residential complex Mayak have come out to the March.

13:19 An impressive column of protesters is moving along Prytytsky Street.

13:18 Minsk microdistrict Chkalauski is also out for the March.

13:17 A timelapse from the March in Malinauka. The number of people is impressive.

13:16 Minsk. People are gathering in the courtyards on Hrushauka.

13:15 Today, residents of Smaliavichy have also come for the March.

13:14 Minsk. The columns that were coming from Alibehau, Malinauka and the South-West have united.

13:13 The columns in Minsk already number hundreds and even thousands of people. This is a photo from one of the districts where many people have come out today.

13:12 Another video from the March in Dziarzhynsk.

13:11 A huge column goes along Sukharevo.

13:11 Another large column is marching across Minsk. This is now happening in all the districts of the capital.

13:10 Residents of the capital's Sokol microdistrict have come out for the March.

13:08 About two thousand people have gathered for the March in Uruchcha (according to Belsat).

13:08 This is how the column looks like in the Minsk microdistrict Piatroushchyna.

13:07 In the Uskhod-1 microdistrict in Minsk, people are marching, chanting “Long live Belarus!”

13:06 A long column is walking along Zhukouski Street.

13:04 A huge column is marching through the western districts of Minsk.

13:02 The marches are taking place all over Belarus today.

13:01 Outside the National Library, the protesters are dancing around a Christmas tree.

13:00 Another video of numerous columns in Minsk.

12:54 The residents of the Liabiazhy microdistrict are taking to the streets.

12:53 Residents of Barauliany are marching in a column through the city.

12:51 Malinauka is coming to the March. There are a lot of people.

12:50 A column of several hundred people is marching along Angarskaya in Minsk.

12:50 Residents of many districts of Minsk are flocking to the March in streams.

12:46 A lot of people have gathered for the March in Hrushauka neighbourhood, Minsk.

12:45 In the area of the National Library, people are also gathering for a March.

12:44 In Minsk, residents of Niakrasau Street are coming out.

12:43 Column of the March participants in Chyzhouka, Minsk.

12:41 Kamennaya Horka is coming to the March.

12:34 Dziarzhynsk is going to the March.

12:33 Sukharava has gathered for a protest March.

12:26 In Minsk, different districts are coming out for the March. People are marching in columns under the national flags.

11:56 Residents of Zaslaul were among the first to go to the March.