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Darja Domrachava's Brother, Beaten by Punishers, Was Tried

Darja Domrachava's Brother, Beaten by Punishers, Was Tried
Mikita Domrachau

Mikita Domrachau was fined.

The court of the Frunzenski district of Minsk found Mikita Domrachau, brother of Darja Domrachava, guilty of participating in the protest, tut.by reports.

Judge Aliaksandr Brychkou sentenced Mikita to a fine of 20 basic units (540 rubles) under Part 1 of Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (Violation of the procedure for organizing or holding mass events).

Domrachau himself was not present at the meeting: he is on self-isolation due to poor health. The lawyer asked to postpone the meeting, but the judge refused.

During the trial, witness Miknavets (surname changed) spoke on behalf of the prosecution, who said that he had participated in the arrest, holding Mikita Domrachau by the hand. According to Miknavets, Mikita behaved aggressively and refused to comply with the demands of law enforcement agencies. At the same time, the witness stated that he had not seen Domrachau being beaten, but he was aware that Mikita was taken to the hospital.

Initially, in the protocol, the place of detention was Peramozhtsau Avenue, 31, but another witness, Yahor Naravets, stated that, in fact, he was detained on 27 Zybitskaya Street. At the same time, Naravets himself could not describe this house, remembering only that it was nearby with a bike path.

When Naravets was asked why Mikita was detained, the witness said that he didn't remember exactly but assumed that if he was detained, then he was violating law and order and shouting something. Naravets also said that Domrachau was driving next to a group of protesters.

Naravets does not remember what Domrachau was wearing. He also did not remember what his bike looked like, referring to the fact that it was more than a month ago.

Talking about the detention, Naravets said that they stopped Mikita Domrachau, asked to come with them, stating that he was breaking the rules for holding mass events. The witness could not remember who spoke to Mikita. Naravets also said that Mikita was resisting, but he did not see Domrachau being beaten. At the same time, he remembers the blood on the head of the detainee. Then he clarified that the rules of detention allow the use of physical force.

The lawyer noted that a few days ago, she was present at a meeting where a witness with the same name and surname spoke, and his voice was significantly different. Naravets' face was practically invisible on the screen.

The witness from the side of the defense, in turn, stated that no one had warned Mikita Domrachau: they immediately knocked him off his bicycle and began to beat him.

At the trial, the lawyer presented a video showing the moment of the arrest and beating.

Let us remind you that Mikita Domrachau was detained very harshly on October 11 in Minsk near Zybitskaya; this moment was captured on video. According to him, he rode a bicycle to his mother; he did not have any symbols with him. From the police department, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, and, in the morning, he went home, refusing to be hospitalized.

Soon after the arrest, Mikita Domrachau spoke about the details of his arrest.

"Yesterday, I rode a bicycle on the bike path along the embankment in the Zybitskaya area to see my mother. When I reached the bridge, I saw people in olive uniforms running at me, screaming. I got scared, turned in the other direction, but from there, around the corner of the building, another crowd of security officers ran out, already in the black.

They just knocked me off the bike and, without explaining anything, started beating me. I saw stars; blood ran down my head. I was scared for my bike - I have had it for 10 years, and it is very dear to me; I tried to break free to save it.

But they threw me into a minibus. There they threatened me, poked me with a truncheon. I couldn't see anything because of the blows and blood on my face. At some point, I thought I was blind and asked to call an ambulance. However, I was told that they would not call it; the doctor would be at the police station. In addition, my hands were squeezed with handcuffs, they were numb, but at my request to weaken the handcuffs, the security forces only laughed and insulted me. They rummaged in my personal belongings, my wallet, but there was no insignia there," Domrachau said then.