17 January 2021, Sunday, 12:33
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Kirill Rogov: Belarusians’ Ability To Resist Is More Than Victory

Kirill Rogov: Belarusians’ Ability To Resist Is More Than Victory

The 100-day protests have become a key event in the national history.

Russian political scientist Kirill Rogov writes on Facebook: Belarusian protests of recent days have been impressive again.

“Belarus remains not only the most important political news of the Eurasian space, but also the world frontier of resistance technologies,” writes Kirill Rogov. “The core of the Belarusian protesters remains extremely resistant (persistent) and undeniable.

With the support of network technologies, resistance and mass character are interchangeable. If 100 thousand people take to the street, they are not beaten, but if fewer people come out who are ready to be beaten, then the effect is comparable. In any case, this does not allow the regime to record a victory following a loss of numbers.

One way or another, the 100-day protest confrontation in Belarus is comparable only to the Kyiv Euromaidan, which lasted about 90 days. The important thing here is not even whether it ends with the overthrow of Lukashenka or not, but the fact that it becomes one of the key events in the national history.

Today, the key myth of the Belarusian nation is resistance. And it is in this sense, as it seems to me, that Belarus has changed its historical track.

For countries such as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the main question is not even whether you can throw off Lukashenka, but who you will get after that. And that is precisely why the ability to resist (resistance) is more than a victory, the ability to overthrow Lukashenka. This is institutional and historical capital.

When they think about you: these are those who know how to resist, with them it is impossible, it will not work.