20 April 2021, Tuesday, 0:19
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"That's It, Dear, I'm on Strike!"

"That's It, Dear, I'm on Strike!"

What do the wives of the miners who joined the strike think of their men?

"The wife is the person who strengthens her husband's position in the decision to go on strike," the miners' wives share. The strike committee of JSC Belaruskali posted a video of them.

A common goal brought these women from Salihorsk closer together. They got to know each other and began to support each other. But the main thing is that they supported their husbands, who, having gone on strike in conditions of severe repression and lawlessness, lost their jobs, and some of them lost their freedom.

- I would have questions for my husband if he had not gone to the strike. I know his thoughts, worldview, attitude to what is happening and to the power in the country. The only thing I said was to think about whether you can or you can not. But he left and said: "That's it, dear, I'm on strike!"

I said that he would not have done it differently anyway; he would not have been able to live contradicting himself. It was even a relief for me because letting my husband go to the mine at the moment is dangerous. We see how many accidents are now, - says the miner's wife.

Women not only consider their husbands' decision to be right but are proud of them.

- It is very important that there is no discord in the family due to misunderstanding. It's hard when a man comes home and finds no support. I'll tell you about one of us. For the first time, she saw her husband not intimidated, but free and smiling, and so she said: "Go to your strike, just smile," - says the striker's wife.

The woman talks about how outsiders relate to workers who went on strike.

- Before the elections, before the start of the strike, it seemed to me that there were very few like-minded people around, that every one lives his own life and does not notice anything around.

But when strangers came to my court hearing to support me, when strangers collected money for me to pay a fine...

One day, a delivery brought six packets of food from someone! We did not ask or expect. How can we stop when people believe in us so much? - says the woman.

Like their husbands, all of them believe that a strike is the best way to stop lawlessness in our country.

According to the strike committee of Belaruskali, over 100 miners have already joined the strike.

At the same time, it became known that Canada, like the Norwegian company Yara, is ready to reconsider relations with OJSC Belaruskali, as with "a business that enriches Lukashenka and his henchmen," writes the newspaper Novy Put.

Together with the EU countries, Canada is preparing an embargo on the export of Belarusian potash fertilizers. As a result, all foreign exchange transactions of the trader company may be frozen. The issue will be resolved in the coming weeks.

"We are firmly convinced that sanctions aimed at Lukashenka's money supply are the most effective way to put an end to torture and violence that occurs today and bring democracy to Belarus," the newspaper quoted one of the Canadian parliamentarians as saying.