23 April 2021, Friday, 4:27
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With Regard To Lavrov

With Regard To Lavrov

A big fat nothing, not Belarus.

The situation in Belarus is similar to the uprising in Warsaw in 1944, the Resistance telegram channel writes.

The uprising had a plan to take control over the capital by units of the Army of the Krajowa and to restore the Polish state. The rebels realized that their own resources would not be enough to defend the city for a long time and hoped for help from outside. The West's assistance was limited because of the remoteness of the theatre of operations, and the main hope was that the Red Army would attack soon. But the Soviets took an operational pause, waited for the Germans to put an end to the insurgency and then began their offensive. Naturally, the Red Army brought the pro-communist administration to power on its bayonets.

It took the Poles another 45 years of struggle to gain real independence.

Russia benefits from a bloody dictator, who will strangle our uprising. And after that, they will, as if not to be blamed for anything, make a castling move and integrate Belarus with the hands of a new Guliaiter. After the beginning of the revolution, the Kremlin explicitly took the dictator's side, providing all possible assistance in order to keep the situation under control.

But that is their plan. And this plan is drawn from the naphthalene of the 20th century. According to the KGB pattern, the situation was to be as follows: the people would play out the crowd scene and leave the stage, licking their wounds. The dictator, finally covered in blood, is driven into a stalemate and signs a renunciation of the throne (or drinks tea with "novichok"). The people rejoice as they meet the "liberators" team.

But something has gone wrong. The revolution is changing its forms and does not stop, the Kremlin's ratings are flying into the abyss, the dictator is squirming, trying to turn the corner again. Having broken the plans of the Kremlin and the local regime, His Majesty Demos, who have become a nation, stands at the forefront. It does not matter now that the number of demonstrators has slightly decreased. What is important is that after 30,000 repressed, we continue to resist. Behind each of those who come out stands a hundred who support him. This time it's a fail, gentlemen from the KGB-FSB. A big fat nothing, not Belarus. We are sovereign here and we determine our own future.