25 January 2021, Monday, 11:17
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113 Days of Hope

113 Days of Hope
Photo: TASS

The cockroach seals the lid at the boiling boiler.

Today is the 113th day of peaceful protests in Belarus.

The brutality of the authorities cannot stop them. There are fewer people on the streets, but Lukashenka is wrong if he Lukashenka thinks that he has solved the problem. He seals the lid on the boiling boiler and is glad that less and less steam is coming out.

The time will come, perhaps soon, when people conclude the history of the 113 past days. Then things will be different.

The conclusions are likely to be drawn concerning the Russian authorities as well. Current developments will eventually be called "anti-Russian sentiment". It will be unexpected to the Kremlin as like it happened in Georgia and Ukraine. As usual, Western countries will be to blame. All that will be wrong and stupid, though.

How should the people of Belarus treat Moscow, which supports state terror? In all areas - economics, politics, diplomacy, military construction, propaganda?

Therefore, by supporting Lukashenka's terrorist dictatorship, the Kremlin sets the negative attitude of Belarus towards Russia.

It can change the policy line. At least stylistically. There is no need to turn into Lukashenka's tail. Political prisoners can be released, rhetoric in support of the bloody dictator can be reduced, and abandon joint military exercises.

The Kremlin, without talking to the Belarusian political opposition, has an opportunity to give a clear signal to the Belarusian society - we share your pain, indignation, even if we are not yet ready to give up support for Lukashenka. But we see you, and we will not let him kill you. Today the Kremlin has given this role to the European Union and the United States. They succeed in it.

Instead of an active line, Russia exercises stupid adhesion to the terrorist dictatorship. It seems that the Kremlin can't imagine any other way of action, and it will have to pay for it. It will be the one to blame.

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