24 January 2021, Sunday, 15:20
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Coronavirus in Vitsebsk: Queues at the Clinic, Pneumonia, and Antibiotics "Just in Case"

Coronavirus in Vitsebsk: Queues at the Clinic, Pneumonia, and Antibiotics "Just in Case"

The situation in the city is very difficult.

If in the spring in Vitebsk, even by the number of masks on local residents' faces, it was noticeable that people were really afraid of contracting coronavirus; then, in the summer, everyone relaxed, and now they just can't get it together.

You go into the minibus in the morning - you and a couple of other people are wearing a mask, and the sneezing driver wipes his nose and gives change with the same hand; you get on the bus - the conductor has a mask on his chin, not event to mention other passengers. But in the city, people started to get sick again. Hospitals will again be redesigned for coronavirus patients, and queues line up in polyclinics, especially in front of the infectious diseases and fluorography rooms.

Whether it easy in the coronavirus situation to see a doctor and open a sick leave, the Vitsebsk Courier news correspondent found out from Vitsebsk residents.

Alena felt bad last Wednesday. The woman had a fever; she began to cough, and chills and very strong weakness appeared. The resident of Vitsebsk called a doctor at home. The therapist came to her only after 19.00, explained that there are a lot of calls and the district doctors themselves are sick, therefore, they replace each other. By the way, according to Alena, the medical worker was wearing only a mask.

As a result, Alena was appointed drinking plenty of fluids and antipyretic drugs as needed. The doctor could not issue a referral for fluorography and coronavirus test and suggested that this issue be resolved during an appointment with a doctor. I was appointed to come to the clinic on Tuesday, and if the condition worsens, told to call an ambulance. At the same time, Alena explained that several people have confirmed coronavirus at her work. To this, the therapist replied that if the patient's name was listed among the first-level contacts, she would be called.

On Tuesday, Alena went to the clinic. Her doctor ended up on sick leave, and the woman was redirected to another room. She sat in line for about two hours. The therapist gave a referral for fluorography the next day, as she did not like the patient's breathing. And the referral for analysis for coronavirus, as it turned out, needs to be taken from the ENT, to whose office there is no less queue.

I decided first to do a fluorography, the result of which will be ready on the same day, and then see what to do next. While my sick leave was extended until Friday, and just in case, they prescribed an antibiotic.

Another resident of Vitsebsk, Sviatlana, on Monday decided not to call a doctor but go straight to the clinic. There is a separate entrance for patients with fever. The appointment was conducted by one doctor, and the queue was on the street. Most of the people were wearing masks, but many coughed, sneezed, looked completely sick. However, perhaps, even if you come there healthy, you will definitely get sick after spending 4 hours in the November wind.

So Sviatlana, having arrived at the clinic at one o'clock in the afternoon, was examined by the doctor only after five in the evening. The doctor immediately opened a sick leave, gave a referral for fluorography and coronavirus test.

Sviatlana took the fluorography on Tuesday. She spent about an hour in the queue, then waited another 15 minutes for the result.

There were many people near the examination room. And every second person came out not with a small piece of paper that he was healthy, but with a conclusion that had to be shown to the radiologist. The doctor explained to me that I had unilateral pneumonia.

The woman was asked if she wants to go to the hospital or is ready to write a refusal of hospitalization. Svetlana signed the proposed papers and was sent to a therapist, who at that moment was conducting an appointment. The medical worker prescribed two types of antibiotics to the woman and said that they would come home to take a smear for coronavirus.

There was no azithromycin prescribed for me at the nearest pharmacy. They offered a foreign analog - "summamed." The required course costed 60 rubles. The question is: can everyone afford such treatment?

In the family of another city resident, Iryna, everyone is sick: she herself, her husband, and her retired mother. All are positive for coronavirus. Fluorography of the woman's husband is normal; Iryna herself has unilateral pneumonia, which she treats at home. However, they got a call from the hospital about her mother's X-ray last Thursday and were told that the pensioner had bilateral pneumonia, hospitalization was required, and an ambulance should be called.

Iryna called the ambulance at around 4 pm and explained the situation. The team arrived after 22.00. The pensioner was taken to the emergency hospital but was soon released. The doctors complained that there were not many places, and the woman felt relatively well; staying here, she only would get more infections. A resident of Vitsebsk agreed with their arguments and went home. Fortunately, several days have passed, and her health has not worsened.

I wonder if there are still those who think that we do not have the coronavirus?