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13-Year-Old Teenager Dies in Minsk From COVID-19

13-Year-Old Teenager Dies in Minsk From COVID-19

In November, the whole family was ill with coronavirus.

In the early morning of December 16, 13-year-old Mitsia Koneu died in the intensive care unit of the children's infectious diseases hospital in Minsk. According to his mother Volha, in November, the whole family was ill with coronavirus. When the quarantine ended, everyone was doing well. But in December, Mitsia's condition deteriorated sharply; the temperature rose and remained very high. On December 15, the boy began to breathe heavily; he was taken to the hospital and connected to a ventilator. Less than a day later, his heart stopped, tut.by reports.

The terrible news came to Volha Koneva's family early in the morning of December 16: at 5.54, her eldest son Mitsia died. He was 13 years old; he studied in the 7th grade.

The death certificate, Volha says, contains three diagnoses: "Cardiopulmonary insufficiency. Viral pneumonia. Coronavirus infection."

- We got sick with COVID-19 in early November. I paid for a test, having stood with a fever for several hours in a queue on the street: the state clinic did not want to take us. I have confirmed the presence of a virus. After that, together with my youngest son, I was in the hospital; he did a test during hospitalization. And Mitsia was at home. He felt fine; only the sense of smell was lost. He never did the test.

According to Volha, they endured COVID-19 relatively easily. The quarantine was over; everyone felt fine. She went to work, and Mitsia went to school.

"But three weeks later, last Thursday, he got a sore throat. On Friday, the doctor came and diagnosed tonsillitis. He prescribed antibiotics. The temperature was high for several days - about 40 degrees. On Sunday, we called an ambulance because we couldn't bring it down. The doctor confirmed tonsillitis and prescribed a large dose of an antibiotic, as well as an antipyretic. On Monday, Mitsia began to feel sick and vomited all day. The district doctor came again. On Tuesday, my son began to breathe heavily. I called an ambulance. At about 2 pm he was taken to the children's infectious diseases hospital and almost immediately connected to a ventilator.

Volha says that Mitsia was tested for antibodies at the hospital. As the doctor explained to her, a large number of IgG antibodies were found in his blood. This means that Mitsia has already been ill with COVID-19.

- Probably it happened in November when I was sick. Mitsia suffered the infection practically without symptoms. Only the sense of smell was lost. The son was 13 years old. He did not have any serious illnesses. The only thing, he was allergic and had atopic dermatitis. Therefore, his immunity was always weakened. But his heart and lungs were always fine.

At 5.54 am, on December 16, Mitsia Koneu died. Farewell to him should take place today, December 17.

- Mitsia was very fond of mathematics, especially geometry. He tried programming and was good at it. And this year he started chemistry, and he was very keen, - Volha tells about her son, finding the strength in herself. - He watched a lot of videos about chemistry and quantum physics. He said that chemistry was his favorite subject. During the first quarter, he learned almost the entire periodic table. He loved social studies lessons, and he liked the teacher. He said he wanted to be like him. Before that, Mitsia dreamed of becoming a psychologist. And he would have succeeded. He was a very deep boy. He loved the lessons of Russian literature. He did not really like to read, but he really liked to reason in the lessons, write very deep compositions. At home, he sat at the computer. He was very fond of computer games. For several years I was collecting money for a new monitor; I wanted to buy it after the New Year.

He was very mature for his age. I gave him a card, and he paid bills, ordered water delivery home, made purchases in online stores. He watched a lot of videos about politics and always analyzed situations very subtly.

He really wanted to go to Japan. He was fascinated by the culture of this country. Mitsia also composed electronic music. He was good at it. Last year, he wrote two rap songs with very long text. But he was shy and never recorded the video.

TUT.BY contacted the Ministry of Health's press service with questions whether such a sharp deterioration in health could be a consequence of the transferred COVID-19 and when the child may develop serious complications. They explained that, so far, they cannot give a comment: at the moment, there is a pat-analysis, which will take some time.