23 January 2021, Saturday, 20:30
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Let Them Have a Drink to Round the Evening Off

Let Them Have a Drink to Round the Evening Off
Iryna Khalip

Haters have no chances of success.

Russian journalists learned from Russian diplomats that Natallia Eismont had been ratting. She got not two, but three boxes of Massandra». She hid one of them even from her accomplices with whom she wanders in the evenings. Although, this event is minor but telling. It perfectly demonstrates the scale of the personalities around Lukashenka.

Look who is still with him. (Let's ignore riot police and other single-celled people: they do not care who give orders - the main thing is to get money for it.) Natallia Eismont, who hides drinks and spends evenings cutting off red and white ribbons in Minsk courtyards. She certainly does it for pleasure. After all, she does not get any bonuses for cutting off ribbons in yards unlike riot police for beating up people. As for vaccination with a Russian wonder drug, after which the coronavirus strikes one down easier than before the vaccination. However, her boss seems to have fibbed when he ordered her to sit down next to the already sick head of administration at a meeting. It's not because Eismont was vaccinated; her life does not matter. She has no secrets to keep; she has no access to Arab accounts. She does small errands. Why should one care for her? One can easily find a bunch of Eismonts at a low price. Sasha three per cent knows her price; that's why he places her next to a sick head of administration. By the way, he does not care about him either.

Who else does he have? Even Shakuta, the once champion superman who threw punches on the Internet, shouted that anyone who wanted to punch Lukashenka in the face would have to deal with him first, is cowardly hiding in the Russian countryside. It turns out that he escaped the same day he learned about Raman Bandarenka's death. Now he's killing bottles in the Kaluga region and hugging birches. By the way, we may treat Eismont too harshly. And it was Shakuta who had hidden the third box of Massandra and then ran away to Russia. However, why should be care?

Still, who else? The horizon is clear. It's silent and dark. Oh yes, there's also Kachanava, who probably lies more often than brushes her teeth. She tells lies both to "consumers" and bosses. After all, she is the one who has been telling her master for years that the country loves him, Belarusians are satisfied with life and do not want to change anything, an ideologist is the most respected employee at any enterprise. If prices for fruit wine do not grow, the Belarusians will live happily ever after. Lukashenka believed it because his few people around him are just like that. He has not seen people for decades. When he did, on streets and squares, it turned out to be too late. He can cling to power for a while with the help of riot police. However, judging by how the chasteners laugh at the leader in the blue helicopter, it will not last long.

Now let's remember the scale of personalities around us on every march. It's better to say at every step. Just like that, I will mention random names that came to mind. Nina Bahinskaya, who came to the square with a flag even when everyone else was sitting at home. She is proud, intelligent, fearless. Her sound "I'm walking!" will soon be taught in schools. Pavel Arakelyan is a virtuoso jazzman, a brave man, an outstanding ridiculist and optimist. His cellmates in Okrestina are lucky people: two weeks next to such a man means, among other things, making a good friend. Volha Khizhynkova is beautiful, brave and kind. She has been volunteering for many years. She saves abandoned and lost animals. By the way, the chasteners thought in vain that throwing her into a cell with homeless people would ruin her life. Volha just helps them wash their heads. They are living people who are unlucky. Khizhynkova is a humanist. (However, chasteners do not know this word. It's too late for them to learn.) Yelena Leuchanka, Peter Pavlov, Ekaterina Andreeva, Malyavanych, Natallia Dulina, Academician Mrochek - each of us can continue this list. Workers on strike, doctors, athletes, students and their teachers, pensioners, entrepreneurs, neighbours, artists, journalists, mothers with many children... Belarusians. Winners. The people.

When small haters, even if armed to the teeth, oppose the people, they, the haters, are doomed to failure. So let them steal boxes of booze from each other: the best thing they can do is to get drunk for the last time. No Massandra is available in the pre-trial detention facility.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org