22 January 2021, Friday, 19:44
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Sanctions Must Be Strong and Sensitive

Sanctions Must Be Strong and Sensitive

Disconnecting from SWIFT is a strong measure aimed at the government and not at the citizens.

On the two news events, discussed and not so much, of the last days at once.

Serious adult persons, among whom there are even respected bloggers, analysts, and journalists, are talking in all seriousness about the "impending catastrophe in the form of disconnecting from SWIFT, which is offered by short-sighted politicians from over the hill." And we are miserable and will die without SWIFT so early that we will not even be summoned to the ROVD for interrogation yet, our economy will fall, and banking will spontaneously and irrevocably become attached to Russia.

It is difficult to imagine a more ridiculous discussion. Where are we, you, and where is SWIFT? And where is the banking system of Russia?

And forgive me, what is already happening or has happened, without disabling SWIFT, is it not evidence that:

- the economy is down,

- the budget is cracked,

- people die - die from torture, beatings, wounds, coronavirus ahead of time,

- there has been a complete default of law and mass terror, according to the laws of which you cannot save good now, it's time for us to save ourselves (although the latter will be difficult)?

Okay, everyone who cares about the economy on judgment day does not care about the BelNPP topic? This radioactive samovar accidentally dumps steam, something constantly breaks, fails, and so on, and this does not bother anyone, on the contrary! If tomorrow there is a radiation release and a part of the territory that was previously suitable for life ceases to be such, then is this so necessary? If only there was SWIFT!

Whatever you say, let SWIFT be! In conditions when people are withdrawing money from their accounts, and they are charged just for the fact that they received assistance, which should be obtained from the state as compensation, let SWIFT be so that citizens are at peace!

I do not know if this concern that gruel is regularly salted in prison is a Stockholm syndrome, but if it continues this way, then the regime is eternal!

By the way, about disabling SWIFT. How often do you make bank transactions? How often do you use the card that o which you receive the Belarusian national salary, calculated in rubles? Everyday? Well, withdraw your pension, salary, all the unfortunate rubles and wait a day or two or a week!

Disconnecting from SWIFT is a strong measure aimed at the state and not at the citizens, as this measure should be short-lived!

Again and again - the sanctions should be:

- Strong and sensitive

- Timely, that is, coming exactly when it makes sense and can lead to a specific expected result, fulfillment of the requirement

- Short-term! Because the regime has learned to adapt well to long-term sanctions.

If we take targeted sanctions against the so-called Lukashenka's wallets, they may be eternal, but their impact is aimed at the long-term perspective.

Tatstsiana Novikava, Facebook