26 February 2020, Wednesday, 3:39
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Mikalai Yanush: I Want People To Realize That We're Belarusians

Mikalai Yanush: I Want People To Realize That We're Belarusians

The Islach striker talks about why we should speak our own language.

Islach striker Mikalai Yanush told about his attitude towards the Belarusian language, by.tribuna.com reports.

- I respect people that they know their language. Africans speak all French, because they were a colony of France. But they know their own language. And we are Europe. We must speak our own language. There are so many interviews with visiting athletes who are surprised: "Why do you speak Russian?"

- When you dared to speak Belarusian in Instagram, then you had this inner barrier, which almost all Belarusians, who are afraid to be misunderstood, ridiculed, have.

- As Dziaruzhynski writes, at that time, when Masherau was there, he was pursuing the policy of the party. At that time a man came from the village and talked in Belarusian, and everyone poked him that he was a collective farmer. And now there's something left, in 2020. And it all began at that time, although the whole village was speaking Belarusian.

- So you had some sort of barrier?

- No. I have a rod inside, and it's holding me. I want people to realize that we are Belarusians, that we should be Belarusians," - Yanush said on the MelkazeRaw YouTube channel.