26 February 2020, Wednesday, 3:27
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Blogger Grey Cat: The Collective Farm Dictator Written off

Blogger Grey Cat: The Collective Farm Dictator Written off
Dzmitry Kazlou

What should we do in this situation?

Video blogger Dzmitry Kazlou or Grey Cat held another stream. Together with subscribers, he discussed the situation in the country and the nearest tasks of the opposition.

The press service of the European Belarus civil campaign published important theses.

Talks between Putin and Lukashenka in Sochi

Once again, the Belarusian ruler went to Russia to make a bow. As everyone knows, he failed to agree on anything serious with Putin. This is largely explained by the fact that Lukashenka demanded a lot, first of all - unconditional support at the presidential election.

We do not have all the reliable information yet, but we can say that Putin urges Lukashenka to leave and appoint a successor. Russian security services are well aware of the situation in Belarus and the fact that the dictator is unpopular. Most likely, Putin is not betting on Lukashenka this time. The collective farm dictator has been written off.

Economic and social problems

The country has a serious crisis. Unlike in 2010, when tens of thousands of people came to the square, but the country had enough supporters of Lukashenka, and just indifferent people, as both salaries and pensions were higher than now. Many people were afraid that everything would fall apart, the factories would close down, the collective farms would go bankrupt, there would be layoffs, chaos, corruption. What do we see now? That's what's happening. If nothing is done, then things will only get worse. All these nightmares are real now.

The tasks of the opposition

Given the above-mentioned and other factors, there is a real opportunity to change the power in the country this year. Lukashenka will lose the election anyway, but our victory needs protection. Now it is necessary to create an initiative group to register a presidential candidate, work, collect signatures, agitate, deal with many different issues.

For this purpose, European Belarus makes up a team. We hold meetings with people. We remember everyone who took part in the parliamentary campaign, who supported our candidates. Everyone who put his signature and not only received letters. More than 3000 letters have already been sent throughout the country. We also need your support and help. Contact us, sign up on social networks, call us. You will be informed about short-term plans.