27 October 2020, Tuesday, 17:47
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"Lukashenka Arrives, And There's Stench Around"

"Lukashenka Arrives, And There's Stench Around"

The activist from Svetlahorsk has told about her question to the dictator.

Svetlahorsk activist Alena Masliukova, who fights against the whitewashed pulp mill, told in a comment to Belsat what question she would like to ask Lukashenka, who had just arrived in Svetlahorsk.

"My friends and I have just been traveling around this plant, in the industrial zone, in the village of Yakimava Slabada - there are guards everywhere, gaybisties are waiting. We also saw a special forces vehicle. They are walking down the streets in two with backpacks behind them. But we haven't seen the president walking somewhere in the crowd," - she said.

Alena Masliukova also shared some questions she would like to ask Aliaksandr Lukashenka. First, she would ask "why this showing off, which the authorities have been showing for a week, if not more, is needed?".

"Is it really impossible for the state to set the work in such a way that people work and do their job quietly and without alarm? For everything to look the way it should always look," - she said.

The second question is "the problem of this stinking factory, which does not allow normal life, normal breathing and normal upbringing of children".

"Today Lukashenka is arriving, and there is stench around the plant. And the wind is spreading this stench around the suburbs. This is not a normal situation. What are they going to show the president? Maybe they'll show some piece of work saying that everything is good here, but in fact nothing is good," - the activist said.

During today's visit to Svetlahorsk Cardboard and Pulp Mill, Lukashenka pressed a symbolic button to start the equipment of the line to produce sulphate whitewashed cellulose. Initially, it was a joint project of the Belarusian side and the Chinese company CAMCE. But after numerous scandals last year, they said that the Belarusian companies would complete the work themselves.

The design capacity of the new plant in Svetlahorsk is 400 thousand tons of whitewashed pulp per year. Last year, only 146.9 thousand tons of the whitewashed pulp was produced.