28 March 2020, Saturday, 21:06
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Arseniy Chyhir: Belshyna's Shutdown Is Just Beginning

Arseniy Chyhir: Belshyna's Shutdown Is Just Beginning

The situation in Mahiliou region can hardly be called normal.

A few days ago, there was information that the Babruisk plant Belshyna stopped working until March 1. Workers are forced to write applications for 2/3 of their salary and stay at home. The situation with the company was commented by activist of the European Belarus civil campaign from Babruisk, Arseniy Chyhir:

- Belshyna suspended its work for four days because of absence of raw materials. Someone says it's due to the improper work of the Chinese supplier in connection with the raging coronavirus, many people believe it's due to problems with oil supply. This isn't the first time there's been interruptions in the company's operation. Obviously, the Belshyna management has not considered the high risks. But the responsibility also lies with the authorities of the country, which created this situation. And common workers turned out to be the losers.

It is clear that the consequences of the crisis will only increase. The Belshyna shutdown is just the beginning...

- What is the situation with salaries at other enterprises in the city?

- I would not call the situation normal, because the average salary is about 300-350 rubles. How can one live on such money? Many people go abroad, and those who have not - strive for it. In general, the region is very poor, that's why there is such an outflow of citizens.