27 October 2020, Tuesday, 1:09
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Belarusians Laugh At "Tobacco Boxes" In Social Networks

Belarusians Laugh At "Tobacco Boxes" In Social Networks

People reacted strongly to the news that these kiosks will sell travel tickets.

After the news that the Minsktrans kiosks will be replaced by "Tobacco Boxes" and they will sell fare tickets, people started joking in social networks, tut.by writes. And what else do you think could be sold in such kiosks?

We remind that the other day, the Minsktrans management announced that their network of kiosks would be reduced. By the end of the year, there will be about 25 outlets, of which 10 are the Minsktrans ticket offices in underground passages of subway stations.

Tickets for public transport are already available in "Tobacco Boxes". The question is being considered not only to sell single tickets there, but also to replenish travel contactless smart cards.

People reacted actively to the news in social networks and started joking about the best places for "Tobacco Boxes" and the things they should sell there.