8 April 2020, Wednesday, 17:44
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"Officials In Homel Have Gone Nuts"

"Officials In Homel Have Gone Nuts"

That's how we live.

The Homel authorities are willing to spend $700,000 to build a flagpole.

"Officials in Homel have gone nuts. First, a toilet for $1 million was built, and now this. Maybe it's because they feel their impunity," - the Typical Belarus telegram channel writes.

"Well, who can rattle them for such a squandering?

The townspeople? Don't be ridiculous, they won't even listen to them.

The king? This one is far away. And the garden season is about to begin. He's busy thinking about how many watermelons to plant in his garden and who will harvest them.

But don't despair too much. Hold on a little longer. There's no money for roads, schools, kindergartens or playgrounds in this country. It's hard for everyone right now. There's a crisis in the world, they stopped selling us cheap oil, we haven't got a discount on gas. You know how hard it is with money in the country. So don't be gloomy, the main thing is that there is no war.

That's how we live."